[closed] Motion Graphic Videos Creation for NEAR

Hello there!

Feeling the lack of this type of material we will open bounties for creation of motion videos of the NEAR logo. This material is to be used on promoting NEAR in all social medias and projects inside the blockchain.

Always good to remember - ALL material produced will be available for free in the Creative Commons for aeveryone.

Budget asked for each motion: 200USD
Total Budget asked: 600USD

-If you are interested in making the motion, please comment here with a sample of your work and/or ideas for the bounty! As soon the budget its approved we will choose 3 people to participate. Each one will make one video and earn 200USD.

Councils of The Clan
@whoiscavenaghi - cavenaghi.near
@duOCELOT - duocelot.near
@brunoqual - brunoqual.near

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Iā€™m interested!


Thats awesome. We will wait for the creatives council to approve it, then whens ita everything okay, we will create the bounty