[ CLAIMED ] Translate AfrikaBurn pdf EN/PT 40 USD

We are growing and the language barrier started to appear. We want to transform these problems into opportunities, creating jobs focused at the most in need to help them solve these.

We will support anyone from the community.

At first we will choose parents with kids, then artists that can upgrade their language skills more easily then the ones with a financial urge even with no skills.

That way we can help to create more helpers, so we aim to minimize this gap, as it will be more common into our communication enviroment.

Our first bounty will be to translate the english pdf of afrikaburn to portuguese.

We have a small budget of 40 USD to payout for this job.

Heres the link, please do a copy, and send the link to the edited one, so we will move it to the NEAR CC AfrikaBurn folder


Thank you


I’m doing it, there are just a few details to finish, you can count on me!


Nice! As soon we recieve the funds, i will set u for the payout. And the files ^^


Hello, here is the link of the translated file. Thanks!


Thank you @C0D3…we will set the payout soon as the budget is solved.

Payout done! Thank you