City Nodes - Suggestions and Ideas

Hey all! :grinning:

A quick introduction from me, my name is Adonis Ferreira, I am Gov Lead at Continent DAO, our job is mass adoption for regions that have more potential on the continents, we are starting in Brazil; South America.

We have similar characteristics with City Nodes, they are regional activities, but the scalability and form of community development are very different. While Continent DAO is focused on attracting non-crypto users and empowering them through the use of Near Ecosystem tools and making it mainstream in crypto users, City Nodes focuses more on more educational work in medium-long, smaller communities and on making participants in crypto natives. In short:

Crypto Users: These are people who make use of cryptocurrencies without the prior need to know how blockchain, protocols, metaverse work, but use them regularly and benefit.

Crypto Natives: These are people who, in addition to using them, participate more actively in Crypto Space and already have a good knowledge of the sector.

I would like to make some suggestions for the City Nodes project which were the options that Continent DAO analyzed and some other experiences we had.

Suggestion 1: Leased Properties :grimacing:

The cost of renting properties varies depending on the region you choose, but as it is a recurring expense, it directly influences your budget. Seek to find partners that provide space for these activities, there are several universities, schools, philanthropic institutions that have spaces and can lend them, maybe not for as long as you need, but if you get some options, maybe with good planning, you’ll scratch completely that cost.

Suggestion 2: Ways to analyze participant performance. :boom:

It is essential to use tools to analyze the performance of the community in the project, using tests, challenges and milestones, somehow a City Node must be able to analyze its performance in order to make improvements and present results.

Suggestion 3: Don’t hire traditionally. Promote participations and rewards. :muscle:

Instead of hiring assistants, managers, educators, you can create a reward program for interested parties to perform the task and be rewarded, like a Guild. This will give you greater cost control and payment will be under performance review.

Suggestion 4: Decentralize Power :busts_in_silhouette:

Let the community take charge of the decision making, be a leader – not a boss, many times those of us who spend hours in front of a computer can feel empowered when we have a few followers, but if we don’t control it properly, you can make it toxic to the community.

Suggestion 5: Have plans, but be flexible. :sparkles:

It’s natural for us to want to plan and try to anticipate events, but doing that too much can “stuck” the project and this can be critical to the project’s failure or success. Execution is also part of learning and through everyday life you can gain insights and innovative ideas.

Suggestion 6: Understand your responsibilities and enjoy the moment. :rocket:

With great powers, come big… I’m kidding, I won’t quote this cliché… but in addition to being aware that your work can change people’s lives, don’t forget to enjoy the moments with joy, the most memorable moments they are not so much the completion of a goal, but the journey.

I hope it will be of some help,