Continent DAO - a call to the entire NEAR Ecosystem!

Hey all! I haven’t formally introduced myself here yet, so here we go… my name is Adonis, I live in Brazil and I’ve been in crypto space for 7 years. We recently created :globe_with_meridians: Continent DAO to promote NEAR on a large scale with opportunities initially in South America.

Our first idea was to educate these people through practice, register several businesses, help with the creation of wallets and allow these people’s first contacts with crypto.

In short for you, a geolocalized mass adoption project with an emphasis on use (practice) for people who really need these innovations, they need it for survival, not just as a financial option.

:busts_in_silhouette: We started a plan within the subway stations that we would enter with traditional marketing teams, our target was the 5 million people who use this transport in the city of São Paulo.
Conversations were going well, the team was trained, uniforms were being manufactured (you can see the models here), we started a project in Metaverso with @PauloSamurai that created an environment based on a Brazilian subway station and it was a beautiful job.

Our website is under construction along with a database needed for this traditional marketing work. Access will be on and

But unfortunately, the private company that manages the subway started to put up obstacles and wanted to know strategic and portfolio details to finally authorize us, of course we didn’t agree and decided to interrupt the plan with them.

BUT… :right_anger_bubble:

At the same time, I talked to the city hall of São Paulo, I had read about a government program that delivered internet connection via WiFi in parks, squares, schools, universities and, ironically, by fate: train and subway stations too. In return, investors could exploit the date and monetize with marketing and advertising.

I saw this as a great opportunity, we can make NEAR not only a gateway for millions of people to DeFi and Metaverse, but also the road, after all, we would be in contact with our users at all stages.

It would be disruptive and EPIC, because we’re talking about a blockchain, a DAO and the government working in partnership! NEAR, Continent DAO and the biggest city in Latin America together! Can you imagine? :boom:

Spoiler: The city hall and the private communications company (partner) loved the idea and have a lot of interest in development, even this year.

Marketing monetization will likely fund the plan, but not within the first 12 months, after that we will not only have a network of mainstream, but a large base of crypto users to target for advertising.

But here comes the second question, what will we do next to retain these new users? What dapps and activities will we offer them? Who are interested in this audience today within the Near Ecosystem?

I believe this proposal meets our values and goals. It would be an incredible initiative to reach 1 billion users in 5 years. But beyond the minimum investment, we have to make sure that we can retain these new users and stimulate them with our ecosystem.

Metapool, Ref Finance, Paras, Aurora, Gaming, ALL […]

This is a call to all projects, DAOs, members and involved with NEAR. Please send us your questions, opinions and suggestions.

I will post more details and update them here as soon as possible.

Thanks to Illia, Jordan, Josh, Chloe and everyone involved in approving our first Grant and for all the help they’ve been giving us. :heart:


The city of São Paulo has 12.33 million inhabitants and 44.04 million in the state. It is the largest city in Latin America.


Hi @Adonis,

Greetings from the NEAR Hub team!

Welcome to the NEARverse.

This looks like a great project to on-board new users into the NEAR ecosystem.

If you are interested we would be happy to give your project a home in NEAR Hub.

We’re also open to colaborating on future projects or even assisting you with starting your own.

It looks like we have similar goals and we will achieve them faster together.

It would be great to discuss options further with you if you are interested.

-Looking Good :eye::eye:, @PauloSamurai.

Wish you all the best,
NH Team.


Hey @jefedeoro,

Thank you, I liked the idea! :rocket:

Of course, you can count on us for future collaborations and projects!


Hi @Adonis, the vision is great.

I’m curious to know more details how are you actually onboarding people? What are the education process you are using? What are the ways to engage these people while they are busy on their way?

Also understanding what are people’s needs would be important: is it accessing yield (what DeFi provides), gaming to earn via initial efforts and have fun or something more serious, like earning via nearcrowd or accessing some global services. Do you have some study info on this?


Hey! Thank you @illia !

With the unfeasibility of practicing these activities formally at the stations, I focused my focus on the relationship and on the government program we are participating in and we activated our “Plan B” so that we would not be stuck with our traditional marketing teams.

In short, we are registering people and explaining basic concepts (to our surprise a large portion is familiar with the term “metaverse” after the great exposure of the topic in traditional Brazilian media). We are registering these people and promising to send a token (CONT) after our launch and this has generated the necessary interest for the approaches of our teams.

Now with the “Free WiFi” program I mentioned, this will pave the way for all usability of NEAR, CONT and partner dapps. Including the Web 3 Data Economy! :rocket:

The solution we found came after NF’s suggestion to develop the project as a cross-blockchain, initially I didn’t like it ( :joy: ), but after a while I had the idea to take advantage of some developments in the Ethereum network, such as the Ocean Protocol. Using Aurora to bridge the blockchains.

In this way we will be able to monetize not only the advertising and marketing of internet connections, but also the data created by the community, which will initially offer this data collectively, but in the future we want to develop tools where people can market this data individually.

No one in the industry will have as much access to your community as we do, because by providing the internet we are participating in every stage with our members.

With that and initiatives like Nearcrowd, HabbitHole, DAO Tasks, we will have a very participative community.

And regarding the population’s interests, in Brazil the investment with the easiest access to the population is savings, which yields less than 3% per year and the expected inflation for next year is 8.35%! As Brazil is the richest country in Latin America, imagine the situation of our neighbors… DeFi is not an option here, it is a chance for survival.