【Proposal】Berry Knight DAO ,Defend the creator's homeland

Introducing Berry Knight DAO

Berry club has formed a Tragedy of the Commons due to the lack of governance mechanism.

A large number of participants only pursue farming bananas and destroy creators’ works, which violates the purpose of Berry club to serve creators.

In order to solve the tragedy of the commons in Berry club, Berry Knight DAO is now launched to form Berry Knight(or AI )) to impose punishment on the saboteurs and make the saboteurs unprofitable.

Berry Knight DAO issues Berry Knight Token to governance, the total amount is 100,000,000.


Declare war on the berry pixel destroyer and defend the creator’s homeland.

How it works

Berry Knight DAO will be created on sputnikDAO.

Every creator(or AI ) can submit a proposal in the DAO to apply for knight protection. The protection period is determined by the DAO vote.

DAO spends NEAR to entrust Berry Knight to guard Berry club 24 hours a day.

Berry Knight can get 20% reward of bananas from Battles periods, Creator can get bananas automatically.

Token economy

Holding 1 million and above BKT can become a Berry Knight DAO council member

Anyone who holds 500,000 BKT can become Berry Knight.

Berry Knight DAO accepts community funding. Community funding can get BKT tokens. 1near=10,000 BKT.

80% of the bananas produced by the Knights defeating the saboteurs are used to buy back BKT (20% reward to Knights ).

Funding application

Apply for 1000 NEAR for Berry Knight DAO.


jusdao.near ,from Berryclub community in China


This seems like an interesting idea. Might be great for the upcomming hackathon in the NFT-Gaming, Social Token, and Governance Challenge bounties.

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cool idear, is berry knight a bot?

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ruled by DAO,In the first stage, it’s a human being, in the second stage it’s a AI robot.


For the robot part, take a look at GitHub - evgenykuzyakov/workshop: A bot for a berryclub and I’m glad to support you with questions.

Also, a glimpse in the future, with Sputnik v2 I’m sure you can automate something interesting.


Hey @jack, would love to see you present this ideas to hackathon! Glad we talk about this yesterday and see members show a lots of interests.

Whether Berry night DAO should be a community effort or a robot tool, let’s discuss more and gather BerryClub Chinese community’s thoughts.

Would like to help you with presentation materials if needed.

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ok,we Berryclub community in China will participate in Governance Challenge - Metagov DAO