[Hackathon] IncubadoraPT DAO - Platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners

Project title: IncubadoraPT DAO

One-liner: purpose: to onboard artists and curators, developers and creatives of all areas of expertise to form and implement workshops, online artistic residencies and collaborations.

Project DAO: Metagov DAO 1

Challenge area: “Decentralized governance through the use of NEAR” , “Experiment with PolicyKit and the Metagov Prototype”.

Project members

  • Juliana Matsumura (jmm.near)
  • Sâmia Siqueira (samiasns.near)
  • Frederico Parreira (frnvpr.near)
  • Rebecca Hallquist (rebecca.near)

target: incubadorapt.sputnikdao.near

Project Presentation: IncubadoraPT DAO Roadmap by fred neves on Prezi Design

Project summary

IncubadoraPT DAO (incubadorapt.sputnikdao.near) aims to create a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology. It will be a platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. Due to the increasing precarisation of the cultural sector and artistic labour, we intend to ideate emancipatory solutions and help reshape the traditional art ecosystem using blockchain and DeFi purposes.

What we want to do:

  • create an artist-run digital space

  • create a platform in which artists and developers from the Portuguese-speaking world can propose new ideas, meet and collaborate. Build a community around the NEAR ecosystem, where everyone can have a voice.

  • organize events, workshops, talks and online art residencies with mentorship, connecting curators/researchers and artists.

  • create opportunities for emerging artists and cultural practitioners.

  • operate as a gateway for Portuguese-speaker artists to enter the NEAR community, helping to clarify questions and possible difficulties.

  • connect with other DAOs to implement solutions

  • connect with other physical projects and spaces in order to organize physical events.

  • recruit talent through institutional connections (universities, observatories, research institutes, other ‘mainstream’ art organizations) and bring them to the NEAR ecosystem.

  • research, experiment and implement news ways of organizing artistic expressions, collaborative efforts and financial rewards for participation, enrollment, and creation of artistic endeavours.

  • promote collaboration between artists and DApp developers.

In order to:

  • lay the foundations for spontaneous group collaborations between artists, researchers, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners.
  • finding new ways of working and being paid for said work and respond to the increasing precarisation of cultural labour.
  • help unfranchised artists bypass traditional institutions and find peers to collaborate with.

This DAO has currently 4 projects being developed:

  • an online artistic residence focused on VR and how can it enhance the work of non-VR artists. (link)

  • a website for VR related content, such as video, curatorial texts and any relevant content (something like Netflix on a small scale, or Ubuweb) (link)

  • an online platform for writers from the portuguese-speaking world, where they can meet, collaborate, create NFT’s, attend workshops and make creative proposals (link)

  • a video portrait NFT series featuring emigrants, political refugees, and other people strongly connected with political topics. (link)

Since we plan to move forward with all this projects (which will be developed by incoming members of our community), we need to implement an economic model to integrate these projects and all other who might be proposed in the future.

Therefore, we propose the following technical challenge:

  • create a DAO governance app, which will regulate all existing proposals and payouts, as well as any proposal to be made in the future by any member of the ecossystem.

  • use the NEAR token in all financial transactions.

  • establish a social token to allow members of the DAO to vote on new proposals; we want to reward usage, engagement and openness.

  • explore how SputnikDAO can be used to regulate and automate an entire ecosystem of creatives and manage intra-DAO proposals, as well as and inter-DAO collaboration.

(We are looking for help on this, come join us!) :building_construction: :building_construction:

Additional sections

The Council:

  • Juliana Matsumura: Visual artist born in Sao Paulo, 1993. Lives and works in Lisbon collaborating with Arroz Estúdios as Social Media Assistant and Studio Manager. She graduated in Drawing at Ar.Co School and has attended Fashion Degree at University of Sao Paulo. The artist is a member of the art collective Risco Coletivo and she is also part of the contemporary art group Now.Here Lisboa. Selected exhibitions: Memories of Water - Quantos a4 cabem no Áquatro - curated by Coletivo Tarimba, Barreiro (2020); GRÃO –AiR at Antiga Capitania de Aveiro (2020); Mostra Jovens Criadores 2018 at NOVA SBE, Carcavelos (2019); Evocatório at MUTE gallery, Lisbon (2018); Platform for Emerging Arts #18 at Leyden Gallery, London (2018) and Encontros do Olhar at Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo (2016).

  • Frederico Parreira: Writer born in Lisbon, 1986. Lives and works in Lisbon. He studied Multimedia at Escola Superior de Comunicação Social (Escs), Cinema at Universidade Lusófona and Literature at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In the beginning of his career worked in cinema as a cinematographer and director. His first short-film. Caímos Juntos, was selected for the festivals IndieLisboa 2013 and Curtas de Vila do Conde 2013. Since then has worked primarily as a writer and script-doctor, collaborating both in short and feature films, for example with TerraTreme filmes. In 2017 was awarded a literature scholarship from the CNC-Centro Nacional de Cultura. He is a late but enthusiastic crypto adopter.

  • Sâmia Siqueira: Sâmia Siqueira holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at ISCTE- IUL and graduated in Museology at Brasília University. Her research is based on the study of possible relationships between new technologies, museums and Art. She has experience in working with museums, with emphasis on cataloguing collections, preventive conservation and setting up exhibitions. She has worked as a museologist in several Brazilian institutions such as Casa da Memória da Arte Brasileira, Galeria de Arte do Banco Central, Museu Vivo da Memória Candanga, among other spaces. Currently she participates in the European project Migrantour with the Associação Renovar a Mouraria and also works with the Coletivo Tarimba. Coletivo Tarimba is an art collective founded in Lisbon, in 2018, by eight women working in the arts and humanities. Tarimba was born from a desire to promote the work of young artists internationally and within the Portuguese contemporary art scene - curators, collectors and researchers. Without their own space, Tarimba works in partnership with alternative and institutional venues to promote exhibitions. Besides that, the collective has a social program to include the local community in their activities.

  • Rebecca Hallquist (she/her): A recent MBA ('21) and arts manager/event marketer, Rebecca lives and works outside of Toronto, Canada. A former dancer and musical theatre kid, Rebecca has worked in arts not-for-profits for the past five years - most recently at the Toronto International Festival of Authors - and in May 2021 made the shift to the crypto space with her current position as Community OS Specialist at NEAR. She is currently fascinated by exploring and developing new ways to get and keep creatives on-chain, and supporting global artists through crypto and innovative governance & economic structures.


Event Inspiration:

(Furtherfield + Goethe Institut + Serpentine Galleries)

Traditional Art Institutions + Technology platforms:

Serpentine Galleries, London


MAAT Museum Lisbon

GNRation, Braga – Portugal

Blockchain + ART

New Media Community
Feral File


Hi team! This proposal looks really exciting to me as a former cultural worker and arts administrator. I think you’ve really touched on a number of important points to address the precariousness of creative work today.
My question is: What is the token awarding or exchange system that will be used to support this proposed governance structure? How will the IncubadoraPT DAO members be compensated for their work?
Also if you’re looking for more group members, would be interested in ideating on the above with you!


eiei mecsbecs!

before anything: WE ARE looking for more group members, the idea is to grow and talk and bring in people and be here for the long run, bear markets and all.

I think the question you asked about governance and token use, etc, is absolutely fundamental, and sadly I (we) don’t have an easy answer.

We don’t want to just replicate former models; asking for money from a third party (e.g. NEAR) is too similar to the grant model for us to be satisfied; right now we are still trying to figure out how all of this could work. Even the bounties model, now in use at multiple DAOs doesn´t feel the endgame, we would like to think on ways to create value from the interactions between our future members and the community, so that we can really try to imagine an alternative (at least at a small scale) from the traditional art scene.

I, speaking only for myself at the moment, really feel we should look at p2p models and try to understand them and learn with them. Most artists’s relationship with money is very vertical (institution>artist). I want to see more horizontal collaboration and find new ways to monetize that collaboration; maybe that means finding public where previously it didn’t exist, or allocating value to things artists currently don’t care about.

If you have ideas about governance, social tokens, etc, we would really love to talk to you and collaborate.



Oh, that’s great to hear and I would love to discuss all of this more. Happy to continue the conversation! You can find me (Rebecca Hallquist/@mecsbecs) on Telegram in any of the Guild threads.


Thanks Rebecca for the question and insight. I agree with Frnvpr that it is not a simple question, but it is one that is always present in artists and art professionals daily lives and I’m sure that we can collectively find a way to try out solutions in a small scale. The current ecosystem is all about state or big banks funding and grants, always pervaded by political issues in a very centralised way. An important step would be reaching out local Observatories, for example Observatório das Atividades Culturais (Cultural Activities Observatory _Portugal) and hear about ongoing problems in different art fields from people that already research on that and seek for alternatives in a multidisciplinary way. Also I think it could be interesting to try out token distribution and so on. I’m glad to hear you’re interested!


I am curious if any efforts have been made to reach out to artists communities in Angola and Mozambique ?


Hey silantnode, how are you? For now we have in Lisbon some connections with Angolan artists and we also have here in Lisbon some spaces dedicated to this cultural exchange, for instance Arroz Estúdios and Hangar Art Residency. We certainly could reach out them to make future collaborations!


Hi @JulianaM, could you resubmit a payout proposal to Metagov DAO with your new DAO as the payout target? Proposal looks great!

Also, do you intend this to fall under the “propose your own challenge” category? Right now, the proposal looks more like a solution rather than a description of a specific challenge.


Hey! We plan to! We intend to be inclusive and reach all pt-speaking countries, without exception. Right now, as Juliana pointed out, we have some connections with Angolan (currently based in Lisbon) artists, but we want to reach out and bring in artists based in those countries - actually, that is crucial to the success of our idea. As soon as we have our ideas clear- for us and for others - that will follow. If you have some connections in Angola, Mozambique or other countries we would love to talk to you. cheers!


Hey all, just to let everyone now that @mecsbecs is now a part of this project! Welcome aboard!!!


Welcome @mecsbecs :blush: :dizzy:


thanks @thelastjosh ! done :slight_smile:


Anyone who wants to collaborate join us on our discord https://discord.gg/t7kqNvax :building_construction: :building_construction: :blush:


Here is our visual roadmap :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We’re also excited to share that we’re already in multi-DAO collaboration discussions with Cosmia (@BarbaraTosti et al) & @arroz-criativo for future projects!

All are welcome to continue these conversations beyond the Hackathon on our Discord: https://discord.gg/EudSvbbD


and also with @tabear and @thefalmon @ muti.sputnikdao.near :star_struck:


YES!!! It was really uplifting talking to @frnvpr and feeling the alignement and discussing about possible collaborations.
I explained everithing to my IRL collaborator yesterday, we are going to organize few calls, will share here!!


Hey @JulianaM , are you planning on presenting your project today? We’re online now at https://www.airmeet.com/event/de5a63d0-a1f4-11eb-abd7-f5ba22c554bf

hi @thelastjosh , thank you for your message. I’m not at home today, I’m watching and listening now but not able to present our project.

Tuesday I am going to have a pair of presentation about an upcoming book that will be published through COSMIA, in Italian and in english, if anyone want to join :slight_smile:

#CICATRICIEBACI - IL LIBRO - presentazione progetto, domande e risposte
Martedì, 15 giugno · 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Informazioni per partecipare di Google Meet
Link alla videochiamata: https://meet.google.com/gkw-feqk-wjy ————————————————————————
Dal progetto fotografico #cicatriciebaci nasce un
primo libro, con esso si apre un nuovo canale
espressivo attraverso la scrittura. Grazie alla
collaborazione con la nascente casa editrice Cosmia
e le nuove prospettive aperte dal digitale stiamo
entrando nel concetto della “narrazione continua”.

In questo primo incontro, dedicato principalmente a
chi ha partecipato al progetto www.cicatriciebaci.
com vi spiego come partecipare con i vostri scritti e
rispondo alle vostre domande.

L’incontro è aperto a tutti gli interessati poiché
seguiranno ulteriori approfondimenti.

#SCARKISSES - THE BOOK - project presentation & ask me anything
Martedì, 15 giugno · 7:00 – 8:00PM
Informazioni per partecipare di Google Meet
Link alla videochiamata: https://meet.google.com/pcv-drsh-pir ———————————————————————-
From the photographic project #cicatriciebaci a first
book is born, with it a new expressive channel is
opened through writing. Thanks to the collaboration
with the nascent publishing house Cosmia and the
new perspectives opened by digital, we are entering
the concept of “neverending narrative”.

In this first meeting, mainly dedicated to those who
have participated in the www.cicatriciebaci.com
project, I will explain how to participate with your
writings and answer your questions.

The meeting is open to all interested parties as
further insights will follow.


I won’t be able to attend but nice one!!!
will it be available to watch afterwards ?

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