[PROPOSAL] Video Manifesto - Antimetodo DAO


Hello Creatives, here is our first proposal for Antimetodo DAO
here you can see DAO’s Introduction:


This is a proposal to edit the material produced so far, creating an asynchronous dialogue between the artists of this series, in order to compose a video-manifest with the main ideas shared in each meeting.
A 10-minute video piece will be produced to be made available on Nomade Label’s youtube channel.

Short videos of up to 1 minute will also be produced for the twitter and instagram platforms.


Facilitate the communication of the essence of Nomade Label/Antimétodo, from the systematization of the content produced throughout 2022 by Nomade Label/Antimétodo in the NEAR ecosystem.
The creation of the video-manifest will make this content more accessible to the general public, and will enable the propagation of this production in several channels of our social networks.
The project aims to promote the sharing of knowledge both within the NEAR ecosystem and outside it through this content, fostering new dialogues and favoring new interactions.
With this, we seek to strengthen and expand the relationships between the various artists within the ecosystem, create new connections, and enhance new projects and possibilities for interDAOS dialogue.

metrics expected
increase social media interactions (followers/ insights)


  • September 12th to 26th
    Decoupage of the meetings and selection of the main moments by Paloma Klisys, Blua Discordia and Ritamaria

  • 09.27 to 10.10
    Video-manifest edited by Paloma Klisys; Selection of videos of up to 1 minute for social networks by the project team

  • from 11.10
    Publishing 1-minute videos on Nomade Label’s social media

  • 28.10
    launch of the video-manifesto on youtube and in the headquarter produced by Gus Manute for Nomade Label in the Voxels metaverse

@ritamaria : decoupage of the material, selection of 1-minute videos, copywriting and publication/dissemination on social networks: instagram and twitter
@blusw ; curatorial view, anti-methodologies and meta-script
@palomak : artistic direction and operational production of the final piece
@gushlewis : metaverse designer and poetry

ritamaria.near 150 DAI
palomaklisys.near 150 DAI
manutegus.near 100 DAI

target wallet: ritamaria.near



Working on this proposal will be important to organize part of a material with an educational bias and also open new possibilities of interaction with members of other DAOs. We are very interested in building and developing proposals that affirm the expansion of our work as artists and researchers focused on making viable in the near ecosystem, proposals that strengthen the axis: new technologies, education and art.