[Budget] Degens 2.0 and March Report

This month has been very difficult for the Degen Army team. We see a slight decrease in metrics. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Payment delay is almost a month.
    Our team is completely dependent on payments, so we did not understand what was going on and what was the reason for such a delay.

  2. The political situation.
    We have a multinational team and many particularly active participants are now in Ukraine.

Therefore, we (the consuls) decided to terminate the activities of Degen Army 2.0 and the transition of our community to Degen Army v3.0. We tried to theoretically solve all the problems that currently exist in the Degen Army and prepared a document with a proposal (after discussion with the leadership of the NF, the document will be published on the forum).

Report on Use of February Funding

February funding was used for

  • individual payout each member;


We are Hiring:


  • Must be an Active Twitter user with good knowledge about tweets & stuff.
  • Thorough knowledge about the Near Protocol & happenings in the ecosystem;
  • The skill of creating high-quality content (articles, videos, posts, infographics, and so on);
  • At least 20+ hours a week (usually much more);
  • Preferably! Reddit account (1000+ post karma, 100+ comment karma, account age is at least 6 months)

Fill out the application form:

If we are interested in you, we will contact you!

March Objectives

The Degens’ performance can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively, as we told earlier we had reduced the number of degens from October 2021 & its max 25 Degens now, from then we are standing strong & believe in achieving much higher results further.

General Social Media Objectives for March:

(1) increase average impressions for Twitter from last month, (2) nurture more NEAR KOL accounts, (3) boost NEAR’s visibility in line with significant announcements (Grants, Near DeFi, Aurora DeFi, Ref Finance)

Main actions: (1) daily Twitter activity, (2) quality content creation, (3) audience building, and pushing the NEAR & Ecosystem updates throughout CT. (4) Creating User Guides/Walkthroughs about new protocols through infographics/threads.

Methodology for tracking performance: Twitter analytics

[Quantitative] Analytics

  1. Twitter

Out of 17 accounts, over the last 28 days, we didn’t see explosive growth like the previous month. Our metrics dropped a bit. The current global situation affected a lot of degens. Our Detailed Stats for this month can be seen here.

  • Average # of tweets = 227; Average Profile Visits = 26779 (+11%) Median= 15000; Average Mentions = 849(+52%); Average # of New Followers = 267; Average # of impressions: 122665 ; Median # of impressions = 115000 (+6%)

  • Distribution: 0 accounts accrued less than 50K; 2 accounts fell between 50~70K; 4 between 70K~100K; 5 between 100K~150K; 3 between 150K~200K; 2 over 200K

*Please keep in mind that the comparative metrics are for reference only, as we are not dealing with the same data pool compared to the previous month.

  • Pushed a few New Launches and events in sync with the NEAR Marketing team, Other Growth Leaders & as per project requests from the ecosystem…

  • This month we Pushed the DeFi sector again, mainly Money Markets Like Bastion, Origami, and Burrow.

Further from here, as we’re working on the future roadmap & development plan of Degens 3.0, we’ll surely see a lot of changes be it in the way we work, or our content. From now on we plan to make it more organized & focused on a specific event/update at a given time & amplify in the best way possible.

Excited to see how things play out further, Thanks again for always supporting us.

  1. Reddit

As before, we focused on quality posts about the Near Protocol ecosystem. Our posts included the main events from the ecosystem, as well as the creation of discussions between adherents of several blockchains.

  • main subreddit: r/CryptoMarkets
  • Total posts = 34;
  • Likes = 232;
  • Comments = 692;
  1. Influencer Targeting
  • Total number of comments posted on Youtube: 232 (+55%)
  • Results (total content): 24(+140%)
  • Total number of comments poster on YouTube: 231 (+55%)
  • Total number of tweets made to Youtubers: 13
  • Twitter comments: 18
  • YT Answers / Likes: 75
  • Twitter Answers /Likes: 2
  • YT Channel Raids: 16
  • Success Raid: 11

[Qualitative] Content and Other Contributions

  1. March content highlight
  2. Continued to Strengthen coordination with NEAR core marketing:
    (1) continued participation in the Marketing Distribution TG group,
    (2) direct communication with NEAR core marketing (@rimberjack participates in the NEAR marketing sync and Trello board, coordinating community hype with official launches + news).
    (3) the reorganization of the Degens program also established stronger connections with Joep from NF and Hype Partners. There is now a Growth Channel Leaders TG Group + announcement channel to strengthen distribution efforts among Hype Partners, degens, Reddit Ops, Swine Guild, 4NTS, and Flying Rhino Guild & Multiple other Growth Leaders from the Ecosystem.
  3. Support for NEAR ecosystem partners: the Degens provide an on-the-ground service to activate the NEAR community. We are working with the Aurora Team (especially the new Aurora community manager), Ref Finance, and Metapool, Burrow, and OIN Finance’s in improving marketing directions.

Proposal for March Funding

We request rewards for 18 members in total

Currently, we have reduced the team to 18 people. I remind you that we are hiring new members of Degen Army. The maximum number of participants is 25.

Total: 48 900 USD


Great work as usual :heart_eyes: Hey Lolson, I don’t see an increase in the strength of the Degen members. It was said in the Feb post that Degen 2.0 is open for hire. But the strength remains the same for Feb and March month. Are you really Hiring? Have you really interviewed every application?