[Budget] October Report and Payout Request for the NEAR Degen Army

Report on Use of September Funding

The funds we received through the Degens DAO for September were used for 1) individual payout for each member, 2) incentives for top performers (claimed through the wallet “degenarmy.near” and transferred to the wallets of 8 members).

Degens 2.0

Based on conversations between NEAR Foundation (cc. @Grace ) and the council, we have decided that it is time to consolidate the months-long experimentation that was the Degen Army, and evolve into Degens 2.0.

Starting in November, the Degens will operate in half its current size, as a group of 25 elite content creators and social media accounts. The base rate will remain the same, set at 300N per person, per month. In this transitional period, for October payout, we are continuing as normal and requesting payment for 45 in total. (This is also part of our agreement with Grace.)

From November on, we will only request payout for 25 members. In terms of direction, this means the Degens 2.0 will be a more tightly coordinated, elite group of content creators and social media influencers, which serves as the community arm for NEAR marketing. This moves in the direction of specification and optimization, resolving the problem of bandwidth the Degens had been facing thus far, providing various support on top of social media, such as daily moderation in multiple NEAR channels and participation in NEAR events such as livestreams and AMAs. This also means a slight change in leadership, which will be solidified through internal discussion and experimentation in the month of November. Concrete details will follow in the November report.

October Objectives

Just like the previous months, the performance of the Degens can be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  1. General Social Media
  • Objectives for October: (1) increase average impressions for Twitter from last month, (2) nurture more NEAR KOL accounts, (3) boost NEAR’s visibility in line with major announcements (grants, NEARcon)
  • Main actions: (1) daily twitter activity, (2) quality content creation, (3) audience building, (3) push the hashtags #NEARcon and #NEARvember
  • Methodology for tracking performance: Twitter analytics
  1. Bitcoin Talk
  • Objectives: Improving the quality. Сreating more unique content and Threads.
  • Main actions
    • Local directions: Creating threads in local directions (creating topics about NEAR in other languages; e.g. Russian)
    • The official thread NEAR: Creating a new official thread about NEAR
  • Methodology for tracking performance: manually track each unique post and views, comments etc
  1. Reddit
  • Objectives: Improving the quality of content / improving engagement from posts
  • Main actions: Writing a manual about using Reddit. Foster support for activity in the main degens group. / Increasing the number of unique DYOR content, analysis, reviews, and so on.
    • Cooperation with the NEAR Reddit OPS Team: Coordination of actions with the Ops Team
    • Plans based on the Agenda: Creating plans for the week based on the Agenda and highlighting the main events that can be covered in Reddit.
  • Methodology for tracking performance: manually track each unique post and number of views, likes, and comments.
  1. YouTube Comments
  • Objectives: optimize organizational structure. Improve approach and effectiveness in targeting youtubers in the comments.
  • Main actions: identify crypto youtubers/influencers and target them on youtube, raid their telegram groups requesting near coverage
  • Methodology for tracking performance: manually track the number of comments and responses from Youtubers
  1. NEAR Degen Syndicate
  • Objectives: increase the audience and engagement of Syndicate’s youtube channel and Twitter
  • Main actions: create youtube videos (week recap, tutorials), create infothreads and tutorials on twitter, posting on the Syndicate TG channel
  • Methodology for tracking performance: Youtube, Twitter, Telegram analytics

[Quantitative] Analytics

  1. Twitter

As always, the list of Degen Twitter accounts can be found here.

Out of 48 accounts, over the last 28 days,

  • Average # of tweets = 130; Profile Visits = 6823; Mentions = 211; Average # of New Followers = 216 (+16%); Average # of impressions: 68,534 (+12%); Median # of impressions = 50,289

  • Distribution: 0 accounts accrued less than 10K; 7 accounts fell between 10~20K; 8 between 20~30K; 5 between 30~40K; 3 between 40~50K; 8 between 50~60K; 5 between 70~100K; 9 between 100~200K; 3 over 200K

  • #NEARvember campaign:

  1. Bitcoin Talk
  • Comments posted = 179 (+78%); Total views on degen’s threads = 5373 (+26%); total number of comments on degens’ threads = 592 (+41%)
  1. Reddit
  • posted 3 posts on behalf of the Reddit Ops Team

  • main subreddit: r/defi

  • Total posts = 33 (4%); Likes = 559 (+42%); Comments = 559 (+22%)

  1. Youtuber Targeting
  • Total number of comments posted on Youtube: 223 (+18%)
  • Total number of tweets made to Youtubers: 25 (-12%)
  • Results: 6 (+300%) ( videos on NEAR as a result of targeting + requesting
  • YT Answers: 19
  • Twitter Answers: 5
  • Raids: 3
  • Success Raids: 2
  1. Interactions with youtuber More Crypto Online:

  2. => Result: More Crypto Online (2 video) - NEAR Protocol Crypto Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update & Price Update Now!
    NEAR Protocol Crypto Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update & Price Update Now!

  1. Interactions with ZeMoood raid in their TG group

=> Result: ZeMoood -

NEAR price prediction TODAY - NEAR protocol coin analysis - NEAR coin NEARUSDT & bitcoin daily

  1. Interactions with Ryan Provan - Stocks & Crypto YT Comments, Twitter

=> Result: Ryan Provan - Stocks & Crypto -
NEAR Protocol Price Prediction - Technical Analysis 27th October 2021

  1. Interactions with FX Investing - @BaxoffBeats @id123098 Mention in a chat on the price Near and he did an analysis

=> Result: FX Investing - Time: 25:36

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin, XRP ADA VET, Shiba Inu Solana Live!! Abend Update Live

  1. Interactions with KCrypto: He made video about Near Protocol and Near ecosystem projects like Rif.Finance, Skyward.

For 3 months in a row, we kept active under his video by leaving comments about Near, which made him more aware of the projects and interested him in their promotion.

=> Result: KCrypto -
:fire:THESE 3 ALTCOINS COULD 10X IN 2 WEEKS!!! (GET IN FIRST!!!):rocket:

5. NEAR Degen Syndicate

  1. YouTube (Eng) / Russian Channel
  • Total posts: 2
  • Subscribers: 279 (+10)
  • Impressions: 445
  • Views: 89
  1. Twitter (@NearSyndicate)
  • Tweets: 60
  • Tweet Impressions: 121,300 (+84,4%)
  • Profile visits: 11,800 (+41,1%)
  • Followers: 1,482 (+747)
  1. Telegram Channel
  • Followers: 136 (+8)
  • Views per post: 190

[Qualitative] Content and Ecosystem Contributions

  1. October content highlight
  2. Continued coordination with NEAR marketing: (1) degens populate + actively participate in the Marketing Distribution TG group, (2) direct communication with NEAR core marketing (@rimberjack participates in the NEAR marketing sync and Trello board, coordinating community hype with official launches + news; @chronear directly communicates with Joep and Hype Partners)
  3. Key involvement in NEAR ecosystem projects and guilds
  • Silicon Craftsmen, NIA: chronear, NEAR NFT Club, NEAR Meme Daily, Corpsemen, NEAR Games Guild, Human Guild, Merchants of NEAR, Wizards’ Guild, Flying Rhinos Guild, Kitchen Guild, Cheddar DAO, NEAR Hispano, Pixelpets DAO
  1. Moderation in NEAR groups
  1. Second appearance in major NFT Twitter Space, 499 Block Global AMA, this time specifically focusing on NEAR NFTs, featuring Jordan Gray (starpause), NFTBUZZ, Iota, Too Rich City, and Jeff G (https://twitter.com/DJJeffGold).

Proposal for October Funding

  1. Rewards: We request rewards for 45 members in total
  • Non-council member (41): 300 NEAR
  • Council member (4): 400 NEAR
  1. Incentives: 200 NEAR as incentives for top performers among non-council members

In sum, the total funding we request for October is 14,100 NEAR

*Note on transparency
We have learned that 300NEAR is remaining in the Degens DAO because one former degen (who is now kicked out) never claimed their funds from August payout. This fund will be kept in the DAO treasury and used as operational funds for Degens 2.0

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the degens that have been so dedicated and committed throughout the months we have worked as a team, @Ozymandius who has been a great inspiration and spiritual leader, each of the council @chronear @Lolson_tg and @p0k who have taken on their roles as full-time jobs, and everyone throughout the ecosystem from the Foundation to the community who have shown support to this initiative. I would also like to thank @Grace who has taken ownership over the program, and has been supportive enough to even have one of us speak on the degens at NEARcon. Cheers to a new era of the Degens :wink:


It is very nice to see how we are progressing every month! It is sad to realize that we will have to reduce the number of our loyal colleagues, but anyway, this is a big step forward for Degen 2.0. I am very glad to be a part of such a powerful team! In the future, we will only move forward! Thank you @rimberjack for such a wonderful report!


It was a great experiment that will give everyone a lot of useful information to use. I was glad to be in degens! And I will watch the development of Degen 2.0 :slight_smile:


As usual thankyou for the amazing work @rimberjack :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @rimberjack for the detailed report, Take Care of your Health❤️

Definitely Degens have performed amazing this month, boost in stats & overall activity…
now with Degens 2.0 this is big step forward for degens as well as for NEAR Ecosystem.

Thank you so much to all Generals & Degens, Learned a lot from all of you in past few months.:heart::heart:


It’s been nice working with @rimberjack and @Ozymandius these are true leaders. Thanks for the support and efforts you put to make this work💯


Good morning!

Firs -of-all thanks for great job in Near social media.
Here is my questions and concerns:

  1. Degens salary 300N, ~ $3100 should be decreased to average market wage ($22.51),
    $22,51 x 80 hrs = $1800 , ~ 175 N


  1. As I know some degens have left the guild on the middle of October. Probably, salary for these people should be reduced.

  2. How the 25 people were selected?

  3. Could you please show the list of 25 elite members?

  4. Some questions from last report:


This has been hands down my best experience in crypto ecosystem. NEAR Degens has been continually awesome and really amplified the true spirit of the NEAR ecosystem. This month has been wonderful so thanks and congrats to all Degens!

Part or not of Degens 2.0, I’d like to especially thank @Lolson_tg and @rimberjack for giving me this ludicrous opportunity I’m extremely grateful for it.


Hey Dacha~ How’s it going.

So a lot of your questions will be addressed once we have the new group going and have a post on that. The selection is based on track record, growth potential, and specialty. We are still finalizing the final list so nothing is announced here yet. Additionally, we are in talks with the social media and marketing agency for the new direction so those details will also take some time.

Additionally, for the hiring process, this is kind of a non-problem now. In october we could not hire anyone as we were downsizing. In the previous months, we looked at the applications and people who had the most experience in either social media or familiarity with crypto were prioritized. Additionally, we prioritized some skillsets over others, like people who can create infographics, people who can do research and analysis, people who do memes etc. We also asked the council members to always disclose if they personally knew someone or where there may be a conflict on interest. It is actually quite of a coincidence with p0k’s team because p0k was not a council member, actually a council did not even exist, at the time myself and Ozy hired them. I did not know they were connected, Ozy and I hired them based on their skillsets and interviews. And then later once the Degen Syndicate team became a thing, I learned they were friends. In the beginning, the degens were not as popular as it is now, so it happened that we got a lot of applicants from similar pools. For instance, people who all do NEAR Crowd together learned about the degens together and they all applied. It just so happens.

For the rate, that’s something that is open for discussion. But this is also something that depends on how the new direction of the Degens is concretely determined, which depends on various conversations with stakeholders. We will let everyone posted on how things go.


@Grace @Dacha

You’ve done a great job and it’s really cool!
I am sure that investing in marketing is the path to success. I would really like to get into your army even on a free basis and help develop the community. I know how to increase activity, attract people and stay in the loop at all times. Tell me, can I help you with something in your tasks?


@Mishgun Well we are cutting 25 ppl from the group. So hiring is not on our horizon at the moment. Maybe next month we can start taking in new applicants again. Thanks for the interest!


Hey Dacha, I’ll let others answer the group related part but I just want to point out the salary part.

In August report you said that:

300 Near its a great payment (could be a little bit increased), even less than average salary for graduated specialist in USA.

And now you’re saying that it should decreased. Understand that the payments are being made in NEAR token not in stable coins, so the amount of salary we get will always be different each month (in USD) because it’s a cryptocurrency which will be forever volatile.


Thanks for your answer! I will be glad to hear that news next month :slight_smile:

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shoot me a message on TG it’s also @rimberjack


Oh, it’s great. Be honestly, we can hire 4-5 upscale social media specialists for 300N.
60N- 75N a month is a regular salary in many countries , like India, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya , etc. I think you can create a post on our Telegram channel and find these people.

Thanks for explanation about @p0k , as I said before I trust you on 100% and have never had questions about your decency.

@p0k should said about it and don’t misleading you and Near Community.

Thanks for great job again.
And especially thanks to @Grace for improvements in the guild.

Ps: as you know we have roketo (streaming money service) . May be use it for the gulid members payments?

Hey @Dacha

I will touch on the topic of those who were selected the top 25.
We took as a basis the activity in several directions. We used Twitter as the main direction, and also took into account the activity in three subgroups, which are currently regulated by me. Reddit, BTT, YT Targeting, based on the data I provide in the report, as well as the main indicators on Twitter, the top 25 candidates were selected.

I also proposed to restructure a little the directions that will have KPIs and other forms of activity tracking. Maximum return and maximum efficiency will be expected from the professional community that will be formed in Degens 2.0. We will also focus on creating a huge amount of content that will be distributed across multiple resources.

A detailed report on the structure, reorganization and other principles of the Degens 2.0 community will be published a little later.

I am also sure that such a professional community really deserves a high salary. For example, my experience of posting about a job in the Degens Army on the BTT forum was met with a barrage of criticism about low pay.

For experienced cryptocurrency users who have been familiar with this topic for years, paying 300 NEAR for 20+ hours of work per week seemed too small payment, which shocked me.

With respect @Lolson_tg


Congratulations on a great month Degens. now it is NEARvember so can’t wait to see the Degens 2.0 smash it out the park. You are my spirit animals.


LOVE YOU KING keep meowing on


Great report you’ve got @rimberjack! The progress you made in October was quite obvious and impressive, hope to see more progress and new strategies that will yield spectacular results in November. You are indeed a visionary leader.



Make sense :wave:.

No, $22/hr it’s a great salary. I think if you create a post right now on our TG group, you will get tons of applications from people who ready to do this work.

Even OWS offering $400 for social media specialist

I think Degens Army should be dedicated team focused on degens work only.

Excellent work, but, give a chance to other Near community members take a one of these roles.

Actually, it’s not a full list of paid (and unpaid) opportunities. A lot of degens get money from other guilds and don’t give a chance for anyone from Great Near Community be involving in social media activities.

Full list of opportunities is hidden, not published, very hard to get information about it. Looks like it’s a privilege for people who have good relationships Near leadership. It’s unfair.

Some degens which ignoring questions, transparency policy should leave Degens Army.

You can find them in Swine, NIA, Flying Rhino guilds.