NEARHUB OWS Meta-space

NEARHUB OWS Meta-space

Happy new year! As we move forward in web 3 development everyone seems to be moving towards a virtual world and the OWS is no different! After getting a chance to meet with @jefedeoro and @orztirrstudio to explore all the functionalities and upcoming features of NEARHUB, the OWS has decided that we’d like to create our own environment for the NEAR ecosystem to come in and engage with each other. The OWS prides itself on being the community where people who are interested in The NEAR ecosystem come in to explore all the platforms, guilds, and DAOS created on the NEAR blockchain. We provide weekly AMAs, monthly events, and multiple opportunities to earn rewards($NEAR and/or NFTs) while being able to contribute w projects across the ecosystem. Building this space would allow us to take advantage of this innovative time where creators are creating unique utilities for their blockchain creations in addition to providing a virtual space for us to connect from any place in the world. As we continue to position ourselves as an onboarding space, building this space would also benefit the OWS by providing newcomers a way to immediately get a taste of what this metaverse experience can be like.

Because the OWS is a place that provides education to our ecosystem the idea is to create an atmosphere similar to a student center at a university. The space will be built to have four different areas for our contributors to engage in and with: The main common area, the Auditorium/event center, the Library, and the Outdoor/Beach area. Included below are an explanation and some picture references of how we’d like for each room to look.

The main common area

The main common area will be the main entrance to the entire space. This will have two floors and have a number of different places for contributors to hang out. When coming up with the layout of how this area should look, we were really inspired by the modern corporation type settings similar to Google Hq but added ideas from what some of the members of the OWS had suggested. These items include an indoor slide, and 1-2 playable games.


Playable Games: pool table and/or shuffle board table. Having these types of games would allow us to build engagement in our space and build a way for us to collect small fees as part of a way to create sustainability for the OWS in the future when the NEAR foundation is no longer around.

The Auditorium/Event Area

The Auditorium/Event Area will be the area where our weekly and monthly events are to be held. The inspiration for the design of this room came from the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. There will be two floors: the first floor will have the main stage with a dj booth and a giant screen for our presenters to utilize for the presentations along with an area for everyone to watch. It will also have a backstage area for our guest speakers and 2 break out rooms for smaller conferences or group discussions. The second floor will have a balcony where contributors can come and watch our events from the big screen. In addition to these features, there will also be a photo booth that will allow contributors to take photos and tweet to show proof of participation; An NFT minting feature will be added in the future.


Event Room: we plan to share our event space with whoever needs attention in the ecosystem. One suggestion could be to hold future guild hours here for our guild leader meetings. @mecsbecs

Break Rooms: small meetups or gatherings for onboarding and educational purposes. Rooms for our mentorship program we are devolving to utilize.

Photo booth: helps provide proof of participation, and allows people to engage with communities on Twitter with the built in tweet feature.

Stage: we will also have the option to rent out our space to creators and platforms for other events in the ecosystem and be another way to create sustainability in the future.

The Library

The library will be a space for our contributors to have access to all the platforms and guilds in the entire NEAR ecosystem. The concept for the theme of the room is based off the Hogwarts Library from Harry Potter. The ecosystem will be split into categories the way books in library are and there will be a book for every platform or guild and when a contributor selects it, it’ll send that contributor over to that site. Because we view the OWS as the first place people interested in NEAR ecosystem would come to engage with, we believe having access to every platform across the ecosystem would create more exposure for all platforms built on NEAR. The Library will also have 2 break out rooms for contributors to engage in discussion or meetings on this side of the OWS NEARHUB Space.


Future add-ons

Since the OWS launched we have been determined to figure out a way to gamify the tasks and opportunities we provide in our guild. With the creation of this space this will allow us to further develop our reward systems to incorporate the up and coming features for gated rooms and wearables that will be created as NFTs. We plan to build an outdoor area with two rooms that are gated for contributors who have participated in certain task or achieved a certain tier of contributor status as we’ve been developing in order to incentivize engagement in the OWS. The idea is to collaborate with the Human guild @sashahudzilin and build arcade rooms with NEAR blockchain produced crypto games so that contributors who are consistently engaging in the OWS have exposure to the creations on the near blockchain and can earn extra VR swag while playing in our room. We will then create a way of claiming exclusive wearable NFTs for your avatar that you will be able to trade or sell only when participating in games in these exclusive rooms. This is all still in development as NEARHUB builds in their NFT marketplace features and capabilities, however the future is extremely exciting to say the least.

All in all, the OWS is striving to take innovation to the next level when it comes to the metaverse. Utility and engagement are key when it comes to becoming valuable on the blockchain, and by creating these innovative ways to utilize NFTs and our NEARHUB space we believe we can continue to bring value to the entire ecosystem and the NEAR token.

Cost Accompanied: 5,000 USD


Love seeing more spaces built out on NearHub! Designs look really cool!


nice and cheaper price!

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I am loving the library!!

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