[BOUNTY] Video Editor + Translator to edit the Postal Live into a short version with EN subtitles

Hello CUDORS =)

In our last Funding Request we approved a Bounty to find someone to edit our latest live broadcast into a short version with English subtitles for dissemination on the NEAR Ecosystem.

The job consists of:

Cutting and Editing a short version of this video - 8N
Transcription and Translation from PT to EN - 16N
Putting subtitles - 8N

Total: 32N

The candidate may apply for the job as a whole or express interest in one of the 3 activities.

The deadline to finish this job is October 25 and this work will be done in close contact with our board.

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.



I am able to execute all 3 tasks required and I’d like to apply for the Bounty.

I have experience in video editing working with concerts, videocasts and institutional videos.
I’m also skilled in portuguese-to-english translation.

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Great Louis. Let’s talk about it.

Please join us on telegram!

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I’m interested in doing the assembly, if needed. I am available.

What platforms can you advise for video editing?

There are many great platforms for video editing, depending on your needs and skill level.

Hello Jake =)

In my personal workflow I like to use Final Cut Pro X but we have in cudo some editors using Premiere too.

Your project sounds quite exciting, and I’m sure you’ll find some talented individuals to help with the video editing and translation tasks. Breaking it down into three parts is a smart approach as it allows for more flexibility and collaboration.