[APPROVED] Support from an English speaker

Hello friends,

we are talking on board about how we are losing out in the NEAR ecosystem thanks to our weak English. Now we are talking a lot with other DAO’s and finding that with our English some opportunities can be missed.

So we are thinking about opening a bounty for our next proposal to admire an Portuguese-English speaker to help us with this work.

What do you think?


Hey @hevertonharieno,

What does the work consist of? Are the tasks super lengthy? Or is it more proofreading?


Hi David,

We’re looking something able to speak with us in portuguese and help us on meetings and others situations that we need express some ideas to english speakers. It’s more related to participating in video calls where we need to talk about some work and we don’t do it well in English. That’s why we want to have someone there giving this support.


Ah, gotcha. If it were for proofreading I’d have volunteered (for free ofc). Hope you find someone, and keep up the awesome work! :tada:


You are so cool @David_NEAR. Sorry for the confusing but, I’ll remember of you when we need something (payment of course hahaha). Work is Work =)

Thanks for all!


Mekie @hevertonharieno

Sou o Paris Inocêncio e faço parte da HOC.

Teria todo o prazer em colaborar com a CUDO em questões de tradução e intermediação.

Devo admitir que a nível pessoal, enquanto filho da Diáspora Africana e voluntário do Gabinete de Apoio aos Imigrantes em Almada, fiquei muito interessado no vosso projecto.

Sintam-se à vontade de entrar em contato comigo.

I’m Paris Inocêncio and I’m part of HOC.

It would be my pleasure in collaborating with CUDO in matters of translation and intermediation.

I gotta say that in a personal level, has a son of the African Diaspora and has a volunteer at the Immigrant Support Gabinet in Almada, your project really caught my attention.

Feel free to contact me.

Até uma next / See ya around :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hello Inocêncio. Amazing receive your contact. We’ll define our next steps having you on mind (em português eu teria construído essa frase muito melhor hahha).

Soon we’ll talk better about it =)