[APPROVED] Video clip for See More Glass Project

Hi friends,

Last 20th CUDO FILMES (the brand behind CUDO DAO) released Screens; a special video clip with powerful direction. This clip already has over 1800 views and has earned many compliments.

Thinking about the scope of this production and the fact that part of the clip crew is part of CUDO DAO, we thought we would write a new script for a new clip to be filmed in January 2022.

It would be a great opportunity to open a Bounty for immigrant actors and other audiovisual professionals living in Portugal, and also an excellent opportunity to convey the NEAR brand in a video that has the potential to reach people and markets that don’t know it yet.

What do you think?


Hey, this sounds really interesting, anything that brings non-digital professions to web3 is welcome, I think.


thanks for your comment @frnvpr. Yes, we are trying to do that even more!