[BOUNTY] Support from an Portuguese-English speaker

Hello friends,

After talking to our community and approving this topic in our October Proposal, we are looking for Portuguese-English speakers to help us with some activities in our DAO.

The Bounty is 3N per hour of work. We have 10h available during the October.


  • Provide support in virtual meetings.
  • Provide support in face-to-face activities when needed
  • Provide support in e-mails and other texts

To apply for this Bounty, comment here about yourself and your skills in Portuguese and English. We will check all applications and save them in our database to trigger them according to our needs and the availability of each translator.

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

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@parisinocencio we didn’t forgot you guy =)

Please, share with us your contact and, join us on TG =)

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I would like to apply for the Bounty.
I’m brazilian, currently living in Belo Horizonte.
I have experience working in english as an independent subtitles producer and later as an iOS tech support for Infosys, an India based company.

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welcome to the board bro!

é sempre um prazer ter amigos de Belo Horizonte chegando na nossa comunidade!

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Will do @hevertonharieno :wink:

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vai rolar um rock! :sunglasses:

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