[Bounty / Discontinued] Bring a Friend to Createbase Community Calls - 5 NEAR

This Bounty Is No Longer Live

Earn 5 NEAR for Bringing a Friend to a Createbase Community Call

  1. Bring a friend to a community call: https://createbase.community/community-calls/
  2. Please reply to this thread with necessary info showing that you have done the above
  3. Once the task has been approved by @lenara or @chloe (at least one of them will like your forum reply) you are free to submit a payout proposal
  4. Submit a payout proposal, with “target” being your NEAR account, for 5 NEAR (SputnikDAO)
  5. Use the forum link from your reply for your “Link to the discussion”

Your reply thread will be used by the Createbase SputnikDAO council to decide on your proposal so please check back for updates.

Bounty Submission Guide: Createbase Bounty Guide - Createbase
For more info on the Createbase SputnikDAO: Createbase SputnikDAO - Createbase



Hi! It’s Ben Here. I invited a lovely friend called CryptoPom who lurked our lovely little stream on April 1st :smiley:


Hey there,

I invited my friend today to the community call (& he joined obviously :D)

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Behold, I have invited excellent photographer Josh Kerr! Victoria Batt was also here but I think they left haha


hi my name is Danh and I bring my friend to Createbase Community Calls

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I made a mistake :frowning:

What call is this for?

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Call for Babys, i was mistaken for the above post but if it’s not valid then it’s okay because I was so excited when I first did gov like this.

Hello! My friend fccview was in today’s community call (for the 29th of April). Here is proof: 281ca647235179d8a59a11827ca866a1


Thanks for always sharing what were doing at Createbase :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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Dear @chloe,
Is this bounty still available for the coming community call on 13.5.2021?
Thank you

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Yes, this bounty is available. If you come to the call and bring a friend, you can earn 5 NEAR.

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I invited Mr. Kei Nguyen to Community Call on 14 May 2021.
Feeling that I am in love with NEAR community ^^

Hi, I invited Ng Anh Quang to the Community Calls today :3

Today (May 13 2021) I invited Mr. Thinh NT to Community Call!

I invited Mr. Tran Trung Kien to our Community Call today :wink:

It’s my friend with the same name to me. I invite him because I think he also interested in this topic.

I don’t know how to get the forum link yet. Can you guide me?

Hi! I invited LaserGeek from LaserGeekCreations to the May 13th Community Call, before this bounty was depreciated. Here is my proof screencapped from the Airmeet:

a47ca2449e15008b1d1c96e0f328a874 (1)


@benhaleymade you sent me looking for the meaning of depreciated vs deprecated :joy:

Turns out, both seem bad :scream:

Maybe we can put [Discontinued] instead in the bounty title @chloe? What do you think?