[CLOSED] Liberation Wellness DAO - Creative & Marketing Funding - May 2022

Liberation Wellness DAO Monthly Funding Request

Council Members: Liberationra.near @Liberation.Ra Goddessvenus.near @Goddessvenus Tamholistic.near @tamholistic

Target: liberation-wellness.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance: N302

Total Requested Funding Amount: $2000 - N194.8

Introduction, Roadmap, and Milestones to date


Liberation Wellness DAO has hit the ground running since entering the NEAR ecosystem. We are currently being mentored and supported by DAOcubator. In the beginging of April this year we were accepted into the DAOcubator program and received our first round of funding.

At the bottom of our introduction post (link above) you can find our roadmap and milestones so far, which has included a nutrition wellness campaign to introduce current Liberation Wellness clients into the NEAR ecosystem by funding wallets as challenge prizes.

Our goal for the May is for the Council members of Liberation Wellness DAO to integrate the DAO into our existing creator social media presences. The Two projects bellow are major steps in this goal.

Funding from this request will be directed towards these two projects:

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Since you’re submitting funding requests for creative projects and Marketing initaitves, I’d recommend making two separate posts - one submitted to the MarketingDAO (in the MarketingDAO category) and the other to the CreativesDAO, in their category.

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Hey @David_NEAR thanks for your reply. I created separate posts for each project and posted them in the proper category. So I understand correctly, you’re saying the monthly budget request should also be made in seperate posts?


That’s correct, yep :white_check_mark:

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Great, thank you, I will get on that!