[Bounty] Filipino Artist Guild: Celebrating One Year of Triumphs and Adventures

Good day Creatives!

Welcome to our 1 year anniversary art event! We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with Nearians community of artists and art enthusiasts. Over the past year, we have had the privilege of showcasing the work of talented local and international artists, and we are excited to continue this tradition today.

This event is a testament to the passion and dedication of our artists, who have shared their unique perspectives and creative visions with us. We are honored to have had the opportunity to showcase their work, and we look forward to seeing what they will create in the future.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Near and Creatives DAO, without whom this event would not be possible. We are grateful for their continued support and look forward to working with them in the years to come.

As we celebrate this anniversary, we look forward to the future of the art community, and the value and opportunities it brings. We hope you enjoy this art event fellow art lovers.

Please take the time to read and understand the mechanics of the event.

Thank you for joining us in this celebration and cheers to many more years of art and inspiration!

Filipino Artist Guild: Celebrating One Year of Triumphs and Adventures


Start date: January 27, 2023
End date: February 10, 2023

  1. Create an art that shows how Filipino Artist Guild, Creatives, and Near impacted your life.
  2. Create a minimum of 500 words sharing your triumphs and adventures in the Filipino Artist Guild.
  3. Only 1 entry per person, violators will be automatically disqualified.

Criteria for judging:
Creativity: 25%
Readability/cleanliness: 25%
Originality: 25%
Theme: 25%

2 from Council
1 from Near
2 from the Filipino Artist Guild

Submit your entries by following these steps:

  1. Post your art entry in your own twitter (no need to post the story there) and tag @Fil_ArtistGuild, use #FilipinoArtistGuild1Year #NearFoundation #CreativesDAO
  2. Comment your entries with the story in this bounty post. (gov.near.org)


First prize: 125 USD
Second prize: 75 USD
Third prize: 50 USD


That’s really fantastic news! Congrats to all Filipino Artist Guild members and leaders! :tada::tada::tada:


Congrats guys. Cheers.


Hello guys here is my entry,.

near wallet: rubenzmart.near

Title: Lift me up like an Angel

Story: Hi, First of all, I would like to thank the Filipino Artist Guild Councils for the opportunity to participate in this competition. The Art represents humbleness, freedom and helping each other. I just want to tell a summarized story from the beginning of my journey here in the Near Protocol and Filipino Artist GuiId. From the past two years si2021, when2021 I started out non-fungible token adventure, I was invited randomly on Facebook with a stranger named Near Philippines because, before the Filipino Artist Guild, there’s Near Protocol Philippines in 2021, wherein the whole beginnings evolved around the progress of advancements, sharing records roughly with Near Protocol Philippines they invite me as NFT creator, and appealing specialists here within the Philippines to crypto. empowering them to make works of art and advance them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) after 2021, eventually in the essential month of 2022, while the essential bull market becomes talented with the guide of utilizing us NFT creators. By then, one of the committees within the Filipino Artist Guild had become a near crowder, and that was a long story to tell. In January 2022, the Filipino Artist Guild was conceived. From the beginning, I was wondering whether or not to join the guild, but later on, I figured out that it was the shiny new guild to join. To keep up with my experience here at Near Protocol Philippines as a NFT Creator, I should be essential for the organization. There are such a ton of wins and experiences we’re confronting. Very much like previously, I’m supporting a couple of NFT creators who really will never again perceive a method for changing their money or coining it out in pesos. Long story short, various of them are still asking me for help, and a couple have now figured out a method for making it happen. You know, I’m basically happy that I help them and that they trust me. The Filipino Artist Guild is my new home. Here I meet new companions a couple of classics and some new. Here, I figured out loads about digital art on the grounds that, frankly, I’m just new to it. I’m doubtless an ordinary muralist here at my place. Progressing from traditional to digital became a huge endeavor for me during the pandemic. The people are all so useful and humble in sharing considerations around their artistic creations and the manner in which they process them. Gatherings are additionally beneficial in introducing basic gear to us as NFT creators. I became adored that Ms. Jennie and Orvard welcomed me here in Near Protocol Philippines, and without them, I could not the slightest bit be here within the Filipino Artist Guild. I’m also thankful that the occupants are so lovely and congenial, and I wish that this might be extreme in a bull or bear market at any point. How about we generally go to the moon together? As the saying goes, “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” Leonardo da Vinci
Have an incredible day, more prominent power, and a cheerful commemoration, Filipino Artist Guild


I’m a lone small digital artist, out there lost and finding the right place where my passion is valued. And then i noticed some of my online co-digital artists mentioning “NFT Art” no hesitation i jumped right out of curiosity. As a lone small wandering beginner artist on web3, finding my other fellow co-small artists had been my first move, i know finding your first mutual friendships is the best, finding my co-creatives on the country who are also on nft arts is necessary, im happy and surprised they first found me instead.

I first found NEAR Protocol Philippines Community, they gave me the warmest welcome to artists like me on this new world for digital arts. Guided and boarded me to establish my official presence on this new community. Second thing is Near Protocol Philippines introduced me to Filipino Artist Guild, a community i didn’t know existed before, lots of digital artists, all with different fields and skills, has many art enthusiasts and web3 mentors. I’m happy i finally found where my co-web3 artist on the country are. There i met new artist friends and found many inspiring mentors, mentors that taught me about the basics of non-fungible token, taught me how the blockchain and how Near Protocol Works as a place for us digital artists.

Time really does flies fast, it’s been a year being part of the Filipino Artist Guild. We had lots of exciting and interactive activities we’ve enjoyed lots of thrilling and competitive art contests, art contest where not just only our creativity are shared, but also art contests where our dedication and skills are showcased and rewarded, showcased not only on one place but showcased all around the world. All valued and appreciated by many art enthusiasts on web3.
Lots of interactive art collaborations, bondings and fun games where I’m excited to play more, thrilling art challenges were im excited to participate more, art contests where i get to challenge and push the potential of my creativity. Its been a very productive year, i earned a number of supporters, i earned rewards for the effort that i put on my artworks. I earned financial support during the pandemic, i earned enough to finally buy myself a decent digital workstation. There i learned new wisdoms about art and earned friendships through art collaborations. I’m looking forward for more activities, looking forward for more activities where i can share my experience to the upcoming new nft artists and inspire other Filipino creatives like me, more opportunity to grow.

An art community? Nope, it’s more than that, it’s more like a family, a family that celebrates each other victories, a family that supports and values each others hardwork and creativity. We are all geographically scattered and separated, but all united with the same passion, all gathered to aim the top goal as creatives, all united to raise our flag and show how creative Filipinos are, the top goal of to grow and lift each one all together, to put it in Filipino term “Kapit bisig” that means “we can all do this”.
The inevitable Bear market put most of us on halt but never broke our spirit to create and put more colors to the work. NEAR and Filipino Artist Guild taught me every artist has always a place to be, every creatives has always people right there that will support them, every artist deserves to be appreciated and valued not just only their works, but also themselves. This family taught us that every achievement and victories of one artist is also achievement and victories of everyone.

NEAR and FAG is not just a simple community, NEAR is our home and Filipino Artist Guild is a big family.
More colorful triumphs for us! Happy 1st Anniversary Filipino Artist Guild!



Title: Pemmiee in Web3

Hello everyone, let me first give you a brief introduction. My name is Pemmiee, and before NFTs, I began creating vexel art. Through this, I got to know a few people, and they were the ones who encouraged me to enter the web 3 spaces. At first, I believed it to be a fraud and that I would only waste my time, but in December 2021, I noticed on my friend that he had paid out his money, which was evidence of its legitimacy.
Since we are not wealthy and my sisters can’t afford for my wants, I desperately needed money. Rather than staying in my comfort zone, I tried to step outside of it by reaching out to a friend who sold his artwork. He gave me a capital of just 0.2N, which was enough for me to open an account and he guided me through my first experience with NFT Blockchain, and that’s when everything in my life changed.
I created a set of four Nira Collection NFTs, which I eventually sold for a total of 6N after spending a day learning about marketing strategy and using it on Twitter. I was overjoyed to find myself with money in my pocket. I treat my family as an incentive to celebrate, but that’s just the beginning.
Additionally, as part of my journey as an NFT artist, I joined FAG, also known as the Filipino Artist Guild. I was greeted with the warmest welcome at FAG, and I soon felt that the community there stands up for Filipino artists in the vicinity of blockchain technology as a unit, lends a hand when needed, and defends one another when someone belittles their creations in a simple term is that we are family and we will rise as one. Also the beautiful thing about FAG is that they provide classes where you can learn about art and improve yourself with them, and they do competitions to see who has progressed. In FAG, I made a lot of friends, but I’m too shy to interact with them.
Months have passed, and Near value is now declining rapidly. The market has also been impacted by it, and especially for those of us who create NFTs, the chances of selling are extremely slim. In addition, I failed my chemistry class, so I had to find a way to make money to cover my tuition so as not to cause any stress to my sisters. That’s how I first encountered Creatives DAO, a platform with a ton of rewards-paying bounties. My pals who I met on the FAG recommended Creatives DAO to me. I started looking for work in April 2022 to pay for my computer engineering education.I also chose to enroll in a public school as a backup plan in order to avoid paying a hefty tuition price. Fast forward to now, after 8 months of saving up nearly all of the money from my award winnings, I can finally afford to start my own business and especially to invest in my future and my education.
Last but not least, I always try to see the positive side of things, and that really helps me when I’m having difficulties. I’ve experienced a huge impact from FAG, Creatives DAO, and Near Blockchain. They empower me to be self-reliant in terms of my needs and wants, they help me focus on my passion and career, they provide me with experience and knowledge that I can use on my journey, they teach me life lessons, and perhaps most importantly, they have helped me form friendships with some of the most amazing people I have met while striving as an NFT artist.

Wallet ID: pemmiee.near


This is my art
Near wallet : bombi410.near

Story: I learned many things as a part of the Filipino Artist Guild. Through various art contests, I was able to challenge my creativity and really explore my talents. I also received a lot of support from the Filipino Artist Guild, from the warm and welcoming environment to the professional mentors who taught me about NFTs and blockchain.

Aside from my own personal artistic milestones, I was able to see growth in the entire Filipino Artist Guild community. We had lots of fun and interactive activities, not only allowing us to showcase our creativity, but to bond and get to know each other better. We also had a number of thrilling and competitive art contests, where all of our hard work got to be seen and appreciated, in an international market.

Moreover, the Filipino Artist Guild helped me receive financial support in the middle of the pandemic. Because of the help and donations given to me, I was able to purchase a decent digital workstation, allowing me to continue with my art and produce better quality pieces.

Being part of the Filipino Artist Guild feels like being part of a family. We bond and celebrate each other’s successes, always pushing one another to do better. Each achievement and victory gained by a Filipino artist is an achievement for the entire Filipino Artist Guild. Even during the bear market, the community never gave up, still supporting each other no matter how difficult things got.

The Filipino Artist Guild has taught me much about being an artist, especially about how we not only support our works, but we support each other as well. We are all geographically scattered and separated, but united by our passion for art and the commitment to keep striving for our goals.

This past year has been a great learning experience, and I am looking forward to more exciting activities, more opportunity to grow, and more inspiration to share with incoming NFT artists and aspiring creatives like myself.

NEAR and the Filipino Artist Guild are my home and family. We have proved that anything is possible, and I can not wait to see what this community can modernize and innovate in the years to come


Title: Exploring the Infinite Realms of Artistry: A Journey through the Art World My Evolution of Creativity

I am an artist with a passion for creating unique digital artworks. Despite my artistic talent, I felt restricted and unfulfilled, for the opportunities to showcase and sell my works were limited. That was until I stumbled upon the Near Protocol, a revolutionary platform that allowed artists to turn their digital creations into one-of-a-kind NFTs.

“Empower your creativity with Near Protocol and unlock endless possibilities.”

Taking the first step is not easy but it’s a great experience to take the path i want. With newfound purpose and determination, I delved into the world of NFT creation and the Near Protocol, studying its tools and resources, and honing my craft. After weeks of hard work, I was ready to unleash my masterpiece upon the world. With a digital brush, I brought to life a stunning painting of a sunrise over a majestic mountain range and uploaded it onto the Near Protocol, waiting for it to be discovered.

From that day forward, I continued to pour my boundless imagination and artistry into creating stunning NFTs on the Near Protocol. My reputation as a skilled and imaginative artist flourished, and I felt grateful for the incredible opportunities the Near Protocol had provided me. I was now a proud member of the rapidly growing world of digital art.

One year passed, and I joined a community of Filipino artists on the Near Protocol, forming a guild dedicated to promoting the works of artists from the Philippines and supporting each other’s success. With the support of my guild, my reputation continued to soar, and I became known as one of the leading NFT artists on the Near Protocol.

“Don’t let art block or burnout get in your way, take time to rest and recharge.”

In my quest to constantly push the boundaries of my art, I discovered new techniques and tools that allowed me to create even more intricate and beautiful pieces. I also began collaborating with other artists, producing stunning works that combined our unique visions and styles.

As the years went by, my art continued to captivate audiences and garner recognition and acclaim. I became known as having the personality that makes people connected with each other. With three personalities, I can adapt to different situations and better connect with others." (Lydia, Maricar,and JessaAfam)

Despite all the challenges and ups and downs, I remained humble and dedicated to my craft, always striving to improve and evolve my art. I remained an active member of the guild, working to help other artists succeed and make their mark on the Near Protocol.

“The journey of making art may have its challenges, but seeing my progress in each artwork keeps me motivated.”

In the end, I realized that my journey on the Near Protocol was just the beginning of an exciting and endless adventure in the world of digital art. I continued to create, to innovate, and to inspire, leaving behind a legacy that would be cherished for generations to come.

**Happy Anniversary Filipino Artist guild!**:tada::philippines:

Character Name: Mario Juancho(One)

Mario Juancho means in the alter universe of the Maria Queendom there is Mario, Juancho is represented with the One Year Anniversary of the Filipino Artist guild it inspired from the bayanihan which is Juan for all and to be as One for the community Juan= One :raised_hands::sparkles:

Near Wallet Address: louietism.near


Posting this in behalf of @bommman41.


Posting in behalf of @SodaChan.

Filipino Artist Guild, and Near Community itself will always have a special place in my heart. It have been my home, solace and comfort. Through these, I’ve gained a lot of triumphs and recognitions. It builds my confidence, let me value my self-worth and pursue my passion. I grow up in a small province and used to be a small artist with bare earnings. But due to near community somehow, my talents and arts have been recognized.
I remember joining Filipino Artist Guild’s 24 Hour Rush Art the first time with the keyword “RADIO,” but sadly I didn’t make the cut. That didn’t stop me from joining again, though. I took a break for a while and tried again, this time using the keyword “RUSH.” I found some inspiration pictures from Pinterest, drew, and just hoped I would win this time. After a few days of waiting, the results were out, and yes, I won second place! I am extremely grateful of the appreciation I have received for my artwork from many artists that I admire.
The next art challenge I participated in was the sticker pack contest, in which we were required to create a sticker pack using Seramika, the official avatar of the Filipino artist guild. There are a maximum of ten stickers per artist; naturally, I made ten in the hope of winning. After waiting a few days for the results, I was surprised that nine out of ten of my entries were selected as winners! Trust me when I say that I wasn’t expecting to win 9/10 because the other entries from my fellow artists are just as excellent! I can’t express how grateful I am to the judges for including my stickers in the official sticker pack for our telegram group because they appreciated, adored, and selected them.
December 17, 2022 and Christmas is coming. The guild has come up with a new challenge: the Seramika during the Christmas season. Naturally, I joined again in the hope that I’ll get lucky again. I passed my work exactly on the day of the deadline, and I had a terrible day. I tried everything, but I couldn’t post it because of technical issues. I panicked because I didn’t know what to do and didn’t want my work to be wasted. I messaged Mido and asked for her assistance. She posted my artwork for me so that I could participate in the contest. I am beyond grateful to Mido for assisting me. My bad day turned beautiful when the results came out because I got lucky once more and won the first place! I didn’t even expect to win the first place because the other entries are really good. I still cannot comprehend how I won those contests to be honest, but still I’m eternally grateful for them.
Filipino artist guild really helps me and my family financially, enhances my skills and it connects me with people who love arts as much as I do. My Near Community family have been a great help and motivation. I feel like a bloomed flower because of the showering motivations and inspirations from this community. They always guides and inspires me through my digital art journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Filipino Artist Guild! Happy 1st Anniversary!

ID: sodaaa.near


Posting on behalf of @anan

My entry
Wallet: anan72.near

When I joined the Filipino Artist Guild and the community of VietNam Artist Dao, I never expected to have the happy moments I have had. Through my works, I have established myself as a critical, innovative and successful artist. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me and I am immensely proud of the accomplishments we have achieved together.

The Filipino Artist Guild is an integral part of the Filipino art scene, hosting some of the most talented, diverse and inspiring contemporary Filipino artists. It is a gathering place for creatives to come together and share their ideas, explore different styles and techniques and create works that span the gamut from traditional to the avant-garde. I have forged new connections and collaborations with other artists, allowing for the sharing of knowledge, resources, and techniques. I have been able to create amazing works and have taken part in various group shows, attending diverse art exhibits both in my home country and abroad.

My collaborations with the VietNam Artist DAo community has also been an extremely satisfying experience. The VietNam Artist community is composed of some of the most talented contemporary artists in the region and beyond. As part of this project, I created several art pieces that were displayed at the Vietnamese Fine Arts Museum. This was a highly rewarding experience for me because it allowed me to introduce and introduce the students to the exciting world of contemporary art.

Together with the Filipino Artist Guild and community of VietNam Artist Dao, I have been able to create works that have been met with critical and popular acclaimed. I have also had the opportunity to work on collaborative projects with artists from different parts of the world, allowing me to expand my artistic horizons and make meaningful contributions with others who share their passion for creating works of art.

I am immensely grateful for the amazing experiences I have had with the Filipino Artist Guild and the community of VietNam Artist Dao . Through my works, I have been able to foster new collaborations, make valuable contributions to the art world and prove to myself that anything’s possible when you have the right people to work with. It has been an exciting and unforgettable journey and I am excited to see where it takes me next.


Hi, I’m Ash and this is my journey on Filipino Artist Group. This is my contest entry but also my way to thank all of the people that help me to improve everyday.

This artwork represents my development and learnings in the fields of crypto and the arts. But first, I’d like to thank everyone who is a member of the Filipino Artist Guild. ate Agatha, Miss Mido, Tito Raf, Tito Ruben, Tito Runes, Tito Richard, Lydia, VioletSpades, Bad Rabbit, Exintrovert, Yona, Razel, Elevatar, Ashiya, and zetsue deserve special mention. Those people are the primary reason why I’m still in the space. Some give me advice, some talk to me about random topics, some teach me how to interact, some help me when I’m down, and all of them encourage me to pursue arts. So, guys, thank you for being a family to me and for all of the knowledge you share with me.

In the last 2 years my drawing is not that good. I mean people could say that I am not a good artist because I can’t draw without tracing. I tried to learn how to draw by watching youtube and tiktok videos but I cant make any progress. Until such time that I am looking for extra income I saw the 24 hours Art Rush of the FAG Community and as a person that is always active on joining contest online, I joined the contest. I enter the telegram group, miss Mido teach me everything I need to understand about near, from near wallet to Near Bounties. By that time my drawing sucks, I remember drawing a hand and a clock for 24 hours art rush and hoping to win, but of course I can’t win with that piece so I decided to watch all the art sessions that tito runes and tito richard did. From basic shapes to coloring, I watched it all with a hope that someday I can create something that will win the Art rush. I learned by that video and I can use those learnings until now and I can say that if that time I didn’t decide to watch the videos I dont think that I can create my own collection on different NFT markeplace. So going back, I joined every contest that will show in FAG, I also ask everything that I know that can help me to improve my art. I ask tito ruben and bad rabbit about their nfts and also my Ate, I ask Ate Agatha a lots of question about arts and good thing that they are all kind and they are always willing to share their knowledge to other people.

They are the reason I can now call myself an artist with confidence. I can now make my own art without copying, and I can make collections without worrying that I’m a bad artist or creator. These advancements are all a result of the folks I met through FAG. Additionally, me and Ate Agatha earned an Aswang tribe NFT, which has been a huge assistance to me as a creator in getting more Twitter engagement. I included it in my artwork because I got to know new individuals in the area because to that pfp, and the pfp wouldn’t exist if Agatha didn’t know who I was. I’m still incredibly grateful to everyone. So yes thankyou so much everyone, I’m still learning and I’m still finding my own art style but I really want to tell that I am greatful to met you. You guys know how much I improve and that is all because of FAG Community. More improvements and blessings to us FAG fam.

#FilipinoArtistGuild1Year #NearFoundation #CreativesDao

Wallet : ash_jose.near


The Helping Hand
Wallet: jcsarts.near

My artist life began when digital art became a requirement for our MAPEH class during the high school year. I thought it was just about having fun, but there’s more to it than that.

When the pandemic struck, I made more time for my artistic creation and growth. To develop my style, I experimented with various palettes, genres, and styles. After a few years, NFT became popular, followed by Paras and NEAR, so my friend and I tried it. After that, I ran into _xndeirou my first helping hand who welcomed me and gave me my first token to use in the minting process. At first, I thought it might not be for me because the “collectors” didn’t notice my works, but I didn’t gave up. I tried to create more unique artwork and collectibles, and some of them paid off. After that modest success, I attempted to recruit additional artists and provided them with tokens to help them begin their journey.

Throughout the journey, I met a lot of people and followed them on different social media, but I didn’t think that we will became as close just like we are right now. There’s one girl who named “Ligaya” my second helping hand, she introduced me to the Filipino Artist Guild. As a part of the filipino artist I didn’t even hesitate to join in. This Guild helps me a lot when it comes to the Web 3 community and Creatives DAO.

I remember that when I got in the channel a lot of people are so approachable and very welcoming but honestly as an introverted person I didn’t thought of them becoming my friends, but I was wrong. As the time goes by, I met a lot of friends and people in there and we literally connect not just virtually but you can feel it physically. We even talk about our problems and art related things; We had art jams and even an online outing. With these simple communications I didn’t realize that they are also became the helping hands that I needed until I saw the growth that I have made in communicating and to my mental self.

Aside from all of that, I have made a lot of improvements in my artworks by the help of the task, challenges and classes that I encountered on the guild. This Guild is also the one who gives me information about the other Creatives DAO, on how to make discord channel and how to be the person I am when it comes to professional things. Creative DAO is also artists helping hands because they gave us a lot of opportunities to be more good and be known by other people.

As a person whose proud to be a part of the Filipino Artist Guild, all I can say is that every person on this guild specially the councils is everyone’s helping hand, a helping hand that will not let go of us until we got reach the same level.


My submission

Near wallet address: eliaszinas.near


My art shows a track record of some of the beautiful pieces I created since joining Near and started creating NFTs

Hello and good day to everyone. I would like to express thanks to everyone in the Near community and Philipino artist guild for this opportunity.

Congratulations to Philipino artist guild for reaching a milestone on this journey.

My name is Elias Zinas, I’m a digital artist and create without limits.

I must say, since I joined NF one year ago, it has been amazing. I have lot of success stories.

My life personally has been transformed since coming into this space.

I’ve been a great beneficiary of all the bounties that have been organized here from guilds and Daos.

With this, I have been able to establish myself and equip myself with the necessary tools that I need to create without limits.

Since then, I’ve now acquired a new laptop, a new device and accessories.

Before coming into this space, I was just a graphics designer.

Thanks to Philipino artist guild for basing most (if not all) of their bounties on Illustration styles, that pushed me to focus more on learning how to make awesome illustrations and I loved the process.

I also found a lot of ideas and concepts from great artists here in this great community.

A lot of thanks to NF, creatives Dao and Philipino artist guild for always coming up with great intiatives like these and helping artists.

With the knowledge acquired from that, I have created collections on Paras marketplace, with artworks most of which are illustrations, and one of which was created to help charities from sales, giving back to the world from what I can do.

I’ve skilled up thanks to the guild. I have been a beneficiary of artist incentives that helped me to create a personal store.

I now also have a personal Mintbase.io store. These are but a few of the many successes I have had.

I’ve also found collaborations and also create masterpieces to help charities.

I have also created a comic book titled “Near Bot”, which until now is the biggest project I have worked on since I started this journey, and it was very adventurous.

In all, my life before joining this community was on a micro level, now, it is on a macro level. With lots of exposure and experience gained over the last one year, meeting many great creatives in the NFT world, some of which are now good frens of mine.

I have explored many of the NFT marketplaces on Near like The-Auction marketplace, Paras, Mintbase, Apollo42, Uniqart, Nativo other secondaries like Fayyr, Gorilla shops among many others, some in both testnet and mainnet.

Time flies.

I look back on my triumphs and creations, the best, and the not so good.

I look forward to improvements I would love to make, frens I would love to meet, collections I would love to create, collaborations I would like to make, artworks I would love to collect.

Finally, I look forward to greater achievements and a bullish activity on Near in this new year.

Thanks once again for this opportunity to share my experiences. Much love to the Philipino artist guild and the Near community.

Best, Elias.


Hey FAM. Just don’t wanna miss this event so I tried to have mine despite my busy schedules ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ


I’m giving all the glory to God for these wonderful blessings, for I never thought I’m capable of having these achievements in a span of year.

I’m a traditional artist before I decided to try digital arts for I was unable to afford art mats. It has been a year and a half since Near Protocol Philippines messaged me and sent me this link I’m having doubts about. I even asked if it’s legit lols. It turns out okay and I’m grateful to the person who lent me 0.2N when no one was.

Officially, I started my Crypto Elven Club a year ago. I joined Paras Batch 2 gc then someone invited me to join F.A.G. before even the messenger gc was dissolved. I just thought it was another gc in telegram but I find these members quite active. I was secretly reading their convos and I can’t even say hello because I’m having a hard time socializing. Then I saw the first bounty of F.A.G… I joined and won first place. Imagine the excitement I had during that time. Until I can’t stop myself from joining more bounties.

I learned about the forum and kept hunting for bounties. I’m beyond grateful when my entry won again and received rewards. I’m so happy that even though I’m not an active member that time, my artworks are being recognized and I couldn’t ask for more. Being an artist in Near, Creatives Dao and a member in F.A.G. were such a challenge for me. Imagine I don’t have anything to call friends at first. It took me more than 4 months to even start a fine conversation.

Life isn’t all about winning. I’ve had more disappointments too but I kept on striving. I even met new DAOs thanks to Filipino Artist Guild. I’ve engaged myself in their events. I even experienced an artist workshop and got rewards too. There are lots of things and emotions I gained in my stay here as a F.A.G. member.

Due to their events and bounties I was able to buy myself a tablet which shocked my parents :rofl:. I’ve had places in their bounties that help me to save money. That brings so much joy to me because I was able to suffice my needs and even treat my family for the first time :heart:. I grew up not being rich that is why I value these things even in its simplest form. I joined their game night and it was so fun. I have met a lot of amazing mentors and artists I highly look up to. I learned to improve my drawings and renders. I bought myself a printer, from being an artist of the month, that shocked my parents again :joy:. I’ve gained friends and people who support my arts. Mostly, it gives me confidence to pursue things I dreamed of. It’s a whole new world for me that enables me to experience a life of rainbows and cupcakes. There are almost 100+ artworks I’ve had since joining. It taught me to be connected and inspired.

Hundreds of words aren’t enough to describe how much I’m grateful. So, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you all. You guys are blessings I once prayed for. Thank you so much for giving me opportunities and friendships. Yiiie akkk ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ Thank you for making elvatar cry in happiness ಥ⁠╭⁠╮⁠ಥ

It was a great escape indeed!

elvatar02.near :heart::heart:


Posting on behalf of @giadang1995.

Story: My adventures at the Filipino Artist Guild have been some of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences I have ever had. When I first joined this diverse and vibrant community, I was filled with apprehension as I had never experienced a Filipino artist guild before, I was welcomed by its friendly and welcoming members. It felt like a big family and I was immediately welcomed warmly.

This was the perfect place for me to get critique and further my skills as an artist. I was amazed at the quality of art produced by the members. I discovered how different my own art was when compared to the standards of the guild and set out to improve my own work.

With the help of the guild’s master artists, I learned lots of essential artistic techniques. There were times when I was struggling with a piece but the help and advice from these master artists was always there for me. Knowing that people in the guild truly cared about my artistic development was a real motivating factor for me.

The Filipino Artist Guild allowed me to not only refine my skills as an artist but also to develop a deep bond with its members. Everyone in the guild was so supportive, kind and generous; they always made sure to acknowledge my successes. I am forever thankful to the Filipino Artist Guild for providing me with amazing opportunities and experiences. Joining the guild was one of the best decisions I ever made and I am glad I did it.

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It’s been already a year since the plain girl Mhie becomes the Mhiemhie.near. I was once an aspiring little digital artist who wanted to become good on creating artwork that will make my self satisfied and as well make other amazed by my creation. I started my journey when a friend of mine introduces the Near Ecosystem to me, at first I was hesitant about it because I’m not that knowledgeable about this kind of stuffs, and also I’m not that good artist at first because i was still practicing and enhancing my skills upto this moment, however i took the risk and tried it.

I was introduced to the Filipino Artist Guild wherein they guide me everything i need to know and learn about NFT’s and etc. Everyday i started learning a new stuffs about it, up untill i minted my first NFT on the Paras and also got verified, I was so very happy at that moment it’s like the feeling that I graduated with cum laude award just kidding, but really it was a peak happiness to me​:pleading_face:. After a quiet some time i had learned that there are bounties where you can win and earn some money, me and many artistfrom all over the globe were competing and this really burns my passion to do my best, I meet a lot of amazing artist and witnessed amazing artworks and that really inspires me. My journey doesn’t stop with just that I meet new friends and make art’s with them everyday. We always have a chats and that really move my heart because up until now they were still my friends, never in my freaking imagination that online friendships could last. Since I meet them they were always there for me, everytime i feel sad or I’m having a bad day they are the one that always puts a smile on my face that’s why i consider them as my siblings, and im really grateful to them. The highlight of my journey on NFT was of course managing to earn some money, legit ! Ionly thought at first is just joining this kind of ecosystem just to improved my skills and just to meet new people however it’s kinda bonus where i manage to earn money and be able to pay expenses for my family, it becomes a really huge help to me and to my family, that’s why I am really indebted to FAG because they were the reason why all those things happened to me​:pleading_face:, and finally because of FAG i meet my true love​:heart::heart: I won’t mention him but he knows how I love him, I’m very much grateful to him because he always pushes me to my limits and inspires me to create more and more arts. To all my friends here on FAG, to all the member’s, council of FAG congratulations :clap::tada::tada: and THANK YOU FOR BRINGING CHANGES TO OUR LIFE, hoping that still we will last long cheers for more years :heart:.



My name is Maxene Joyce N. Buquida. 17 years old, I started doing digitals arts since 2020. My NFT journey started when a friend of mine told me about digital arts that can be sold online. I tried it since we were struggling financially at the time and my father was in the hospital. I created an account on Paras and sold my art there. I remember how ecstatic I was when I got my first sale. A few weeks go by, and I discover this awesome group called the Filipino Artist Guild, where I meet a lot of friends and learn many things about NFTs and the arts.

Growing up I saw how my parents struggles on making money, both my parents are minimum wage earner, and their earnings can barely cover our daily needs. However, as an NFT artist, I am able to use my skills, talent, and knowledge to earn money and help my family. And because of my hardwork and determination I earned some money from selling my artworks, it allows me to support my own family. I was able to purchase food, groceries, and other necessities.

Because of Near, Filipino Artist Guild and Creatives I was able to support my self as well. I can now afford to pay for my bills in schools and this significantly changed my life. Since I was a kid I always dreamt of studying in private schools, however because we can’t afford it I am only allowed to go to in public schools. But now because of Nfts and guilds my dream came true ,and now I am about to graduate on my dream school, I am very grateful.

Moreover, in 2022 our family had the biggest problem in our life, my father had been hospitalized because of an accident. Our family struggled and out of desperation we called every person we knew to help us lend some money to pay the hospitals bills. I gave my all throughout that time, doing everything I could to support my family. Fortunately, after weeks of restless nights, I was able to pay my father’s medical fees with the money I made from selling my artwork and taking part in FAG contests. I’ll never forget how happy and thankful my father was.

Joining the Filipino Artist Guild (FAG) and meeting Near have had a significant impact on my life. I’ve been here for about a year, and the guild’s contests, games, workshops, and activities have all been fantastic. Every coordinator and artist in here was fantastic; they were the ones who taught me and helped me improve my skills and boost my self esteem. They are also the ones who pushed me to go from being just an artist to being an exceptional artist. I am forever grateful to Filipino Artist Guild, Near and Creatives for helping me not only financially but also mentaly and emotionally. Thank you for all the people who help me with this journey, for teaching me and for guiding me. I also thank my friends and family for their love and support. I’m grateful to have discovered this guild, and I hope my journey here continues indefinitely.

Happy 1st Anniversary Filipino Artist Guild!

Near Id: maxzeinly.near


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Making The Unknown Known

Our unwillingness to do so, our inability to consume without producing, is what distinguishes us as artists.

I’ve been making digital art for nearly two years. I primarily work in realism, semi-realism, and webtoon art styles.

I recreated the first artwork I created for a bounty here in Filipino Artist Guild under Near Protocol Blockchain.
It is where my career as a nft artist began.
It’s been a roller coaster of emotions in staying out of my comfort zone, confronting my fear, stepping into the unknown, and taking a leap of faith that everything will work out for the better.

My journey began with a casual conversation with a friend after I posted my pexel arts on social media, who casually explained this new technology that could potentially transform the world of digital art. I didn’t know much about nft at the time. I was initially unsure whether I wanted to or if I was doing the right thing.
It has always been difficult for artists like myself to have our digital work valued on a par with that of others.

I was intrigued by its possibilities and dove headfirst into understanding how it worked, its application to digital art and the concept of art as nft. I wanted to be an early adopter of this amazing technological development into how I presented my art to the world.

He introduced me to the Filipino Artist Guild. They welcomed me warmly and introduced me to many amazing artists. A sense of belonging.
They are the ones who teach and guide me about nft and how it works.
I’ve learned about Near Forum, they teach me how to create a Paras account, how to mint and lastly how to verify my account.
I got involved in their activities. Sometimes I win in their events, and I save the prize money so I can buy the things I want without having to ask my family. I’ve had many successes and accolades.

When I’m in periods of not knowing, I frequently experience panic, insecurity, and dejection, especially with my arts in this field. I’ll be so disoriented and unsure of where I’m going that I’ll think I’ll never figure it out. And it makes me wonder if I should give up. And the Filipino Artist Guild and the Creatives encouraged me to strive for more, to focus on the results I want, to understand and to be inspired.

Taking chances necessitates recognizing the difference between the life I have now and the life I want, as well as comprehending the effort required to make it a reality.
I must summon the courage to commit to a goal, learn how to motivate myself, and navigate the perilous waters of the unknown until I arrive on the other side of success.

I can’t help but smile after embarking on this ambitious nft venture because, as an artist, I feel privileged to be able to support myself by doing something I’m passionate about. As someone who is constantly defending the legitimacy and prestige of digital art. I am pleased to see the increasing demand for digital art, which has led to me spending more time than ever before creating digital art.