[BOUNTY CLOSED] New Logo to Procd Dao


Procd DAO is updating its logo design for its new web3 activity format. We are looking for designers who want to participate in the construction of the new Procd DAO logo.
We want to update our logo bringing a technological language, and at the same time simple and clean. Inspiration can come from music, photography, film, community and digital arts.

So, we are announcing a creative reward of 75 USD in Dai to the chosen logo.

The logo should fit very well in the square and circle and we need two logo versions that fit well in black and white. The logo should not be confusing and should be clean.

We will need high resolution versions, so make sure you create a 300 dpi or vector version.

Logo theme (Inspiration)

  • Music, Photography and Film
  • Community and Digital Arts
  • Technology and Hig tech

The logos that will be designed should be compatible for use on t-shirts, signage, certificate, and social media. Therefore, it would be great if a mockup is displayed with a t-shirt and merchandise along with the logo.

The reward will be valid until September 10, 2022. Submit your entries by replying to this post and feel free to be creative. We also accept multiple submissions from the same person.

Procd Dao is a Dao focused on fostering and inserting marginal independent art within the Near and Web3 ecosystem, through music, photography, videos, performances and entrepreneurship. We seek to support peripheral artists and create bridges between the physical and virtual worlds focused on the metaverse and Nft.

Below is our current logo for you to get to know, and suddenly through the old logo some new idea may arise.

Feel free to ask questions through the comments on this post or through our telegram.


Thank you for your participation.
Good creativity to all.
Procd Dao’s Council


We’re close to posting out first productions powered by Near and informing our our public about Procd DAO. I’m excited to see our new logo being born!


Hi guys! Just made a few tests :blush: Hope you enjoy!


Hi, here is a proposal. In Drive, it’s better.


Que legal esse trampo!


Hope you like it.


Hi. Here’s my proposal:
Near id: eliaszinas.near




Wow just seeing this now I think I will give it a try today


Good day! I am Kenzero a filmmaker, photographer, and self-taught graphic artist. This Dao is related to my passion and I am delighted to present to you my logo proposal :blush:

I used the letters of the name of the DAO. P and R. As you can see I represent the letter “O” as a film reel and the “D” on the part of the letter “P”. Used the C for the overall outline of the logo.
I hope you like it :heart:



A pleasant day! I am Kingjeyms, a logo designer and here is my proposal for the PROCD Logo. Here I considered every theme and inspiration that has been given, specifically in Film, Music and Futuristic Technology in my design. Keeping the logo clean, modern and simplified to make it more professional to use.

I integrated all the letters “PROCD” where letter ‘P’ on the upright with film reel, ‘R’ the combination of Quarter Note and the cut, ‘O’ on the head of the Quarter Note, ‘C’ when the head is cut diagonally and lastly ‘D’ which is the Quarter Note.

Hope you like it!



Hey !!! This is my entry
As you can see the logo has the film CD :cd: representing the ‘ Film ‘ theme / inspiration of PROCD DAO and the music sign too

I hope you like it


I create a more modern look. :heart_eyes:
and better I believe :blush:


Wow, I’m loving it. You’re amazing artists!

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These are all amazing! It’s going to be hard to choose @Dazo
I’d love to learn more about Procd Dao. @TimFrazier is an LA producer so I bet he’d be interested in learning more about what you’re doing as well.


Hi, @Eccentric_Vagabond! How are you doing? I’m still new here, but active as Procd Dao council and love to know you’re interested in what we’re doing here.

I could try to resume it all here.
@Dazo invited me and @joysoares to found Procd Dao because of the work we’ve been doing since 2017 together, producing musical albums and careers, audiovisual series, photographies here in São Paulo, then he brought us to get to know the ecosystem and the artists here and we saw many amazing projects and new perspectives.

You can check our projects for august-september here:

We’re all excited about our new perspectives!

I’m also executing the final phase of the first project I posted here, hosted by #nomadelabel-dao, if you’d like to check:

We just posted our first Near powered project on social media, but most of our historic as artists and producers is online. We can’t wait to colab with other Daos, but still learning, observing and producing.

Personaly, I’m having an intense and motivating reeducation journey around the ecosystem and It’s been great!


Hello @Eccentric_Vagabond , thank you for dialoguing with us. I think @TayOlua already said a lot about our work here at Dao (thanks Tay rsrs)
In a short summary I would say that we are doing what we love in a new web3 format.
Actually we love to do projects focused on art and marginal culture, be it with music, photo, video and other formats
Your work is also amazing, congratulations!




Hey everyone! Here are my final works for Procd logo. It’s been fun working this out, hope you like it. Congrats to everyone that participated, great artworks!
I’ll leave a the here because i couldn’t upload it.


Minha entrada para a Bounty \o/