[Bounty closed] At AstroDAO, create a "Custom Function" with a Propose Transfer, using USN

Hello community, how are you?

Bounty/project brief: To share information about Custom function in AstroDAo using USN

Estimated work/hrs: until 23 of may 0:00 hour

Estimated reward in $N/$USD: 20 USN using Custom function “transfer”

link of astroDAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Are having problems in astroDAO, during 1 week.
We sent “USN” funds to our DAO and the function in the AstroDAO UI “Propose a transfer”, using the smart contract “USN” is not working.
I already tried to create the “Function call” and I was not successful.
how i tried:

Custom function:
Method: ft_transfer_call
Smart contract address: usn
“sender_id”: “fradao.sputnik-dao.near”,
“receiver_id”: “name.near”,
“amount”: “20”

tgas: I used 150 and 180

@Jloc had the same problem.
@FritzWorm, how are you? You know about this resolution? Thanks

I can send a reward of 20 USN, sent by suggested Custom function, for the first to resolve this internal issue, and share to all community.

Att. @lauralago @raissalaban @Adrianatavares

Thanks and hope everyone been well


don´t try this

Hello @frado thanks for reporting, I talked to the Astrodao Team and they are aware of the problem, it will be fixed very soon :slight_smile:

Hey @Jloc !
No success here!