[REPORT]April 2022 Report fra DAO

Project Name: April 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing + Branding budget for fra DAO

Project Status: [Completed]

Project Accounting: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

I would like to break the guideline and make this paragraph. As there were so many setbacks, changing council, covid and financial problems, we chose to proceed with new proposals and report only when we had completed the entire proposal and had done the entire Design Thinking immersion process focused on our FraDAO Branding. we also had great news, a member of our branding team, @frado , won two Lions in cannes with Rio-Carnaval, made in 2021 partner of Tátil Design. We apologize for the amount of information presented here. We think you were right when you talked about passion work. We ended up giving a lot of passion in these months, but the capitalist system forces us in another direction than pure passion. We will try to be as objective as possible so that you don’t waste too much time reading.

Updated Project Timeline:


Foremost we would like to thank NEAR for the funding, our metrics of followers and aesthetic qualities in our social networks had a significant increase that generated a visibility so important, that we will be the only NEAR DAO to participate in the largest international NFT event of the moment. They liked FraDAO’s proposal and mission so much that they suggested to Rebeca the possibility of having a NEAR stand at a very low price at the international event. But as we have little credibility within NEAR, the representative promotion was not possible.

With our visibility on twitter and Instagram, the organizers of the NFT RIO, invited us to participate in their Twitter Space, one of them together with Maria from Mintbase, we talked about how to create NFTs in Mintbase, how we created our DAO, what our mission is, the benefits of the NEAR protocol, our workshops and assistance within the NEAR protocol. We did some AMAs talking about the NEAR protocol and physical meetings on how to make mint music, for musicians explaining about the NEAR protocol.

We would like to thank them for believing in the need to take care of branding. Our immersion with Bea Weack, professional in facilitating Design Thinking processes at fraDAO, was extremely important.

Branding imersion:

Here are the photos from our design thinking immersion, about fraDAO branding.

1- fra-DAO is?

A community in the NEAR ecosystem, which includes and gives access to elderly and middle-aged women artists, taking them out of the technological, digital, social, and financial vulnerability zone.

2- What is our Mission?

Building a female digital space in the NEAR ecosystem

3- What is our Vision?

Include women artists in a decentralized web community to make them digital protagonists within the NEAR protocol

4- What is our Archetype?

Creator, Caregiven, outlaw and want be a Hero project.

We receive a google forms from creative DAO to post all our branding process. We will share all informations in this Google form?

This past 3 months we have big an increase of engagement in social network, interest in Neal Protocol due to the workshops given, participation in NFT Rio international conference and the activity on Twitter Space. Now is our best time for ads, because we had quality content and visibility.



On April 2022 we followed our guidelines.

On May 2022 we tried to change our hashtags to reach different public.

On June 2022 we were invited to talk in Twitter Space, invited for NFT Rio and that increased strongly our followers community, in an organic way. We know the importance of numbers, but with quality we can keep followers and brings members for ecosystem.

We have found a great solution for the growth of our community, aesthetics, and language. With the continuation of the marketing plan involving the artists and their work, we had an exponential increase of almost 100% reach. In addition to publications about the participants, we had the Creative event in parallel, where we developed the In-person Workshop for Minting, which involved the Zeca’s Bar establishment, the musicians present in each presentation and thus, more reach of the network through shared stories.

In addition to these two factors, we were also invited by NFT Rio, to ShapeShift on Twitter and with that more stories involving fra_dao and its dissemination on the network.

We now intend to continue the dissemination of the artists in our rainbow that have completed a cycle of colors, as we believe that each life story/artistic and professional path is fundamental to inspire and record the diversity of our network.


We had a significant increase in facebook and understood that the audience of older people use facebook, so we created a language for facebook with a new strategy for the next month. We were able to understand how to reach new members in this centralized network, bordering on ostracism.

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 23.41.30
Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 23.41.01

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 23.37.08
Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 23.37.31

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 23.38.24

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 23.38.36


We create more than 50 Post and learnig how to grow organic, but learning that is not easy organic dynamic without ads.
Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 00.13.15


We had in a period of 2 weeks, last of May and beginning of June, troubles concerning money. Frado had a problem when he received the marketing funds, there was a big devaluation of the NEAR in relation to the USN, but in a week he managed to make the trade and recover the exact amount of the funds of the Marketing proposal.

When he converted from NEAR to USN, sending to AstroDAO, he could not use the funds, as astroDAO was not able to make transfer calls via USN. He created a bounty in NF to encourage anyone who could create a custom USN transfer function, but didn’t succeed well. Anyway, we had to wait for the AstroDAO VS.3 update to be able to start the marketing work. When we were finally able to make the transfers in USN to the team accounts, we had a sequence of independent problems.

In the end of May, Frado had to deal with Scam, receiving a fake promotion on behalf of NEAR Protocol, endorsed by the fake KriptoRaptor user, losing 72NEAR ($500USN).

In the beginning of June our collaborators from marketing and design Laura do Lago and Raissa Laban made a mistake transferring the money they earned to do their monthly job in Binance. It was an USN token from Near wallet to a Near Protocol address in Binance without making swap. As soon as they noticed that the money didn’t arrive at Binance, they worked together to discover how to solve the problem. They lost a total amount of $800USN. They asked for Near assistance and applied for a request to recover the deposit. Even though we believe the money is floating in somewhere in blockchain, till find a destiny, we had to organize ourselves emotionally to still keep our workflow.

We noticed that is really complicated to understand how to navigate in the digital wallets and this fact exemplify why only 5% of women, eldery people or non english speakers are in digital market. Vulnerable people don’t have easy access to deal with tokens. Since we work with artists, not traders familiar with cryptocurrencies, this fact touches our pain.

That mistake brought the team together even more, and it motivated us to transform poison into medicine using passion, empathy, patience and generosity. The lost money was from a month that they would still work. This loss served as a “paid workshop” where we brought visions of how to improve our ecosystem, how to prevent falling into scams, and how to make safe transactions using USN token.

We are sure that this approved proposal shows our ethics, commitment and respect for NEAR funds. That’s why we work hard with commitment, making a daily monitoring of our activities and a check-in of our emotions. Amazingly, we got the best results so far. In addition, we would like to share what we learned during this period, in videos on our youtube channel.

Next Steps:

  • Create a video in portuguese and in english about how to avoid Scam in Near Protocol
  • Create a video in portuguese and in english about how to use USN in near governance.
  • Continuing our marketing strategy in Intagram an Twitter
  • inviting Artists to share your artists process and Near Protocol impressions Using reddit account
  • Complete Branding Book and Guidelines
  • New Facebook Strategy
  • We create a nice strategy in reddit, and excite to show at next propose
  • Pay $250 USN to @paulaguimaraes when we receiver the Branding book and guidelines Complete


Hi @Dacha ! How are you? Follow our report, any questions we here to clarify! Thanks

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