[2021-09-14] Sputnik / Astro Update



Sputnik v2

Sputnik v1


Upcoming Milestones

  • SEP 17 - Collab.Land tipping NEP141 FT in discord (commonly requested feature from Guilds)
  • SEP 20 - Astro ready for QA
  • OCT 4 - Astro ready for public, AMA session
  • ??? - Commonwealth.im interface upgrades
  • ??? - CLI Tool
  • ??? - DeepDAO integration

Created a TG channel specifically for Astro! Telegram: Contact @astro_near

[2021-09-14] Daily Update



• Finalising Treasury integration
• Finalising Bounty integration


• DAO list server filtering
• Integrating RequestPayout/CreateBounty with backend
• Configure DAOs filter for “Members Home” page

Features that are being excluded from the initial release:

• Voting Token creation and adoption
• DAO Upgrades
• Plugins

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• Finalising Treasury integration
• Finalising Bounty integration
• Replacing mock Data
• Removed/Disabled excluded features
• Finished DAO list filtering


• Follow proposal integration
• QA and Refactor

The UI is lookin great!
Wondering when custom function proposal type will be supported?

Hi hodlr! You can experiment with custom function calls at v2.sputnik.fund. The next iteration of Astro is planned to have something like an “app store” of custom function calls to keep things “web2 friendly”. If the demand is great enough we can expose something like what’s available on v2.sputnik.fund with a warning that it’s an advanced feature.

Got it – thanks!
How can we contribute to “App store”?

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