[BOUNTY - completed] Create instruction for Bounties [5N]

Create an easy to understand step by step guide for Bounties:

  • what are they (compared to normal funding)
  • how to receive the reward for completed bounties (forum link, DAO proposal etc.)

to help fellow NEARIANS!

Please post the manual in the comment section of this thread, add your nearname & and use the link of your reply for the bounty payout in our DAO arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near


I think “bounty” is a very good marketing step for NEAR ecosystem in general, this is because the investors can know the gov.near.org, they can contribute ideas, discuss with the development team, there is a lot of useful information for both developers and investors, but also creates an incentive for users to experience writing proposals for the DAO and interact with the DAO

3 step to receive bounty on DAO

Step 1: Reply this post

Step 2: Join the link: SputnikDAO

Step 3: After that, you click “Create new proposal”, and select “Payout”, then you enter the wallet address you want to receive the fund, write the reason for applying for the fund and go to the next tab to paste the link copied from the forum to submit the proposal

Thank you very much

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I think bounty is a reward after you complete a certain task, for example here is introducing a simple process to connect with DAO, making it easier for newcomers to access. Funding is meant to raise money for a larger cause or just for charity.
:grinning: 3 simple steps to apply for funds on DAO
1: Answer the question
2. Click the author’s link on DAO: SputnikDAO
3. Click “Create new proposal”, then select “Payout”, enter your wallet, describe the reason for fundraising, select 5 Near and copy this reply link and finally submit

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Thank you


First of all bounty on Near forum is an open opportunity every nearians can participate on so as to get payed or rewarded.
A bounty is said to be close “[close bounty]” when all opportunities or task has been completed.

  1. When you see a bounty you can partake in, you quicky reply to the authors post. Your replies depends on the task by the author or you can ask questions for further understanding about the bounty and you would like to take parts on.
  2. When you’ve been approved and complete a bounty, you can submit your reply link or the link of the author of that particular bounty to “SputnikDAO” to be funded(rewarded). To get link there’s a chain like icon “:link:” below every post or comment, tap on it then an option to share, copy or use of QR code would pop out, tap on “copy” then you can go to SputnikDAO click on “create new proposal” then select payout, afterwards you choose the exact amount in $Near agreed on to be paid on the bounty, put your discord name and the discord name of the author or moderator involved, your Near wallet ID (wallet name), there would be room provided to submit your link, briefly summarize what the payment is about then you click on submit proposal.
    You wait for all moderators to approve your payment by voting, after all voting you would get paid directly to your Near wallet.
    Thanks for reading…
    Near name [psalm.near]