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Hi everyone! Colombia is currently one of the leading countries in cryptocurrency adoption in Latin America. There´s a lot of great talent over here and we would love to attract some of that talent to be able to contribute to the growth of the NEAR ecosystem.

We already started creating a community around NEAR Protocol in Colombia with the Bogotá HackNode event we hosted last August 28 in Bogotá, Colombia´s capital city, as the Kickstarter event for the METABUIDL Hackathon. We had a successful event with 24 attendees and one of them even won Second place in the “Play Hacks” category. He already expressed his interest in being one of the speakers in an upcoming event if we hosted one, so this is a great opportunity to meet again and continue working on the growth of the NEAR community in Colombia.

In addition to that, we had 4 attendees from this event successfully completing NCD Bootcamp last month, and also already several attendees of that event have shown interest in attending more events, so these meetups would be the perfect opportunity to meet again and of course continue to reach more people with each meetup.

Already have two speakers who could help us with interesting talks about development on the NERAR Protocol Blockchain.

So, having said that, I feel we have the experience and most importantly the desire and will to host fun and productive meetings here in Bogotá and continue to grow awareness and positive impact for the NEAR Ecosystem.

Looking forward to contributing to organizing these meetups here in Bogotá.


We have someone from Columbia building a cool game within Human Guild context, feel free to join our Discord (can connect you to creator):

Hi @sashahudzilin ! Thanks for your comment! Yes Giovany was one of the attendees of the Bogotá Hack Node. He is the one I mentioned that won second place in the Play Hacks category. I have talked to him already and he said he would be interested in giving a talk about his experience in the next event. :+1:

Hey @andresdavinf,
Since Columbia is one of the leading countries in crypto adoption, it definitely needs a NEAR Meet chapter where the NEAR community members like you can host meetups! You can learn more about NEAR Meet here: NEAR Meet | NEAR Wiki

@pransh and I would love to speak to you and understand how we can help you host future events. :tada:

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Hi @andresdavinf :wave:

Let’s organize a few more meetups in Bogota, what say? :smile:

Hi, yes sure! I was talking to Claudio from NEAR Hispano a couple of days ago, and how we can coordinate their efforts with NEAR meetup efforts. When can we have a meeting. What do you think about next tuesday? @theChosenOne @pransh

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Sure @andresdavinf! You can schedule a call with us using this link: Speak with DevGuild | Dev Guild |

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