[APPROVED] NEAR Colombia April 2024

Hi @NearGlobeDao team!

NEAR Colombia is a comprehensive community that seeks to promote the adoption and knowledge of the NEAR Protocol blockchain within the communities that exist in the various Colombian regions. Our objective is to onboard people who are new and/or already participate in other blockchains with a strong presence in the country and in this way democratize access to web3 technologies, training different actors interested in NEAR technology, guiding them towards true decentralization, open source, open web and that it be used by enthusiasts, developers, educational centers, startups, artists, among others.

April E level achievement proposal for NearColombia

I send this new proposal to the NEAR Colombia community. I have used Globe DAO NEAR Globe Community Charter April KPIs – Google Docs and set our goals accordingly.

Near social of all core team members:

Andres DAO leader, professional in Business Administration and with experience in the Information Technology sector with more than 10 years of experience in the sector as an IT consultant: Cloud Computing, networks, H&S, telcos. Certificate in development in NEAR Blockchain with Rust; with NCA (NEAR Certified Analyst) other blockchain certifications such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos. Currently specialized in cutting-edge technologies at MIT.

Alexander DAO Dev Leader NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developers L1, NEAR Certified professor and NEAR Teacher in Residency, BOS Certified during 2021 and 2022, Mentor on Mintbase, Aurora, ref.Finance, Paras, Nativo and Meta Pool

Ludim Systems engineer, experience in NEAR blockchain in validator node and other web3 projects

Sergio Systems engineer, 10 years of experience as a programmer on the SAP platform for different companies in Latam, USA and Australia. Since 2017 he has been the owner and builder of a platform for crypto ATMs, 3 years as an advisor on a beer tokenization project, and was a business developer for a crypto game. Currently, web3 developer and certified in BOS NEAR

Oscar Expert consultant in NEAR

Link to social media accounts :

Telegram chat


Near Social




Promote the use of NEAR in Colombia by educating the different existing populations in the country about blockchain and its benefits, creating content, holding virtual and in-person educational events and collaborating with different communities to promote the use of NEAR in Colombia. Also encouraging technical participation by attracting developers, creating projects and thus elevating the community to a sustainable and relevant future in the NEAR ecosystem that will make the blockchain and the community very visible, in addition to successfully meeting the Level E KPIs for NEAR Colombia

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

• Referral systems:

  • Create 15 new NEAR wallets. (We achieved + 100 users in February with active wallets) I can attach a report*

• Engagement gamification mechanism:

  • Achieve an average of 7 transactions for 7 new wallets.
  • Grow to 15 active community members. (currently with +50 members on Telegram and +200 on Whatsapp in the HUB Blockchain Colombia group and +90 non-blockchain)
  • Achieve 3000 impressions on Twitter.
  • Produce 1 video related to NEAR technology or community activities with at least 100 views per month.

• Demonstration NEAR to NON blockchain communities:

  • **Currently participating with a non-blockchain community of more than +90 with active wallets since February

• Education of the local communities:

  • Publish 1 Medium content to share knowledge, updates or ideas about the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Organize 1 online event with at least 10 participants (a space was held with more than 100 people)
  • 3 swags delivery
  • 3 developers to encourage participation (there are currently more than 3 developers)

Strategies and activities:

  1. Channel diversification:
    Massify content on Telegram, WhatsApp and Twitter to reach a broader audience and Expand the reach on YouTube, Medium

  2. Engaging and educational content:
    Variety of formats: Implement short videos, infographics, memes and podcasts to maintain interest.
    Simple and relatable language: Adapt the content to the Colombian target audience, using colloquial language and examples close to their reality.
    Gamification: Incorporate activities, contests and trivia with rewards in NEAR blockchain tokens, memecoins, NFTs, gamefi, to encourage participation in the diverse ecosystem of dapps

  3. Rewards and benefits:
    Incentive system: Implement a reward or badge system that rewards active participation in the community.
    Tangible benefits: Offer access to merchandise, airdrops or NFTs that represent a badge or relevance in the NEAR protocol for committed users.

  4. Events and workshops:
    Hybrid format: Offer online and in-person events for greater accessibility
    Practical approach: Implement workshops where participants can interact with NEAR and its applications in a practical way.

  5. Strategic alliances:
    We are currently in collaboration with several important communities, among them the blockchain HUB, with local participation of ETH Colombia, Algorand Colombia, Polkadot, Colombia, BNB, Solana among other web3 and crypto communities and in our case I included NEAR Colombia, in WhatsApp group. (I can provide evidence to prove this alliance)

Collaboration with educational institutions 2 highly prestigious universities in the capital, public entity

  1. Measurement and Evaluation:
    • Community growth with monitoring of active members, event attendees.
    • Wallet and transaction metrics wallet creations and transactions.
    • Content reach with Twitter impressions, video audience and Medium article readers.

• Total budget: $1.300

Funding scheme:
1 Month


Thank you for your proposal @anmatig

I’m seeing some activity from Near Colombia in the last few weeks.

Could you please arrange an appointment with us to better understand your strategies/goals? Please also invite your team members.

Thank you :slight_smile:


thank you for your response.

Yes, of course! How do we do it?


Please share with us your calendly and Telegram id for booking a call with you!


Thanks HaiVu!

I am sending you my calendar with a suggested time for tomorrow 12th in our local time, however if you have a suggested time please let me know.: Calendly - Andres Vega

My Telegram ID is Telegram: Contact @anmatig


Here are the profiles of the members of our team:

CVs of core team members by experience:

Andres < Founder >
Profile Andres Vega (1).pdf (90,0 KB)
professional in Business Administration and with experience in the Information Technology sector with more than 10 years of experience in the sector as an IT consultant: Cloud Computing, networks, H&S, telcos. Certificate in development in NEAR Blockchain with Rust; with NCA (NEAR Certified Analyst) other blockchain certifications such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos. Currently specialized in cutting-edge technologies at MIT.

Alexander < Co-Founder / Social media Content Creator >
NEAR Certified Analyst (NCA), NEAR L1 Certified Developer (NCD), NEAR Certified Teacher (NCP) and NEAR Resident Teacher. BOS 2023 certified. Mentor in Mintbase, Aurora, ref.Finance, Paras, among others.

Sergio < Moderator Telegram and Content Twitter >
Profile Sergio Martinez.pdf (62,6 KB)
Experienced engineer in blockchain and web3

Ludim < Partnerships >
Profile Ludim Chavez.pdf (63,9 KB)
NEAR certified. He has considerable technical expertise in blockchain, nodes and public goods.

Oscar < Partnerships / External consultant >
Profile Oscar.pdf (90,2 KB)
external advisor and another great support to organize the activities, due to his experience in projects with NEAR.


Hi @anmatig, thank you for your proposal, I see your social media is not very active, this month we have already supported several E tier proposals, unfortunately I am not ready to support you this month.

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Hi @ihor, I saw that you joined the telegram group. These days we were very active there, today was quiet the community because it was congested the network while they finished the sharding update. Today I was going to make a call to the community about NEAR wallets , but I had to move it to Thursday because I finished talking to the Globe DAO team at 4 am my local time and I moved the agenda to Thursday, because I feel exhausted.

I tell you that at the beginning of February we did not exceed more than 15 people in the group, now there are more than 50 and in that same month we made contact with more than 100 people to whom we made onboarding with the NEAR Here wallet in telegram, some are in the main group of NEAR Colombia, others in non-blockchain community group that are mainly traders who operate in the stock market and have been motivated to participate in crypto and blockchain of NEAR.

I have excel report of wallets with user and I can attach the Tx from NEARblocks. I tell you this because it is a way to demonstrate the KPI required for Tier E which is a minimum of 7 tx and 15 new wallets and we have exceeded that number.

I understand that we are a new community that with the guidelines of this DAO we comply, we have too much enthusiasm to do the proposed activities with desire to grow with the community, make presncial event, with merchandising with the NEAR brand, NEAR tokens awards, a bag of 100 or + so they can make tx and explore the ecosystem of the budget, which is not to stay waiting to see the time pass without being able to execute these good things to do and it is a shame to receive that answer :frowning:

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Based on your information, I support the April proposal for now, with the condition that you guys are active in the community in March.
By the end of March, the community must be active on Twitter, and TG, otherwise, we will not allocate the funds.


@HaiVu thanks for your support!

That’s right that’s the commitment of us as DAO, count on it.

We will comply with activating even more twitter posts and doing + activities from telegram until the end of March!


Hello Team,

Thank you for your proposal. I am happy to approve on a similar condition that we would love to see good numbers by the end of March. Good job till now, I have seen you have grown with good numbers in just a month.

Good Luck.


Hey there!

I really appreciate your patience for didnt get funding in March, though, and I’m fully behind your initiative in Tier E for April.

You have my support, please read the charter carefully and learn the deliverables from other regional community


We are happy to see another South American country joining this great Near family! :slightly_smiling_face:
You can count on us (NEAR_ES) for any help and collaboration in whatever you need and is within our reach. :smiley: