[Report/mpDAO] Education on Blockchain NEAR, Aurora in Bogotá - Colombia

Hello to all the NEAR community!!

In this report I inform you of the activities that I carried out in the city of Bogotá -Colombia during the month of August, with the resources obtained through my blockchain educational proposal NEAR and Aurora in the Meta Pool DAO

Organize 3 in-person sessions and two virtual sessions talking about blockchain technology and in general about NEAR protocol and Aurora EVM to the different people invited to participate in person in the city of Bogotá with a low-cost agreement with a non-profit association that supports adoption, to use their facilities since the real cost to carry out these events is much higher in costs.

By carrying out these, we began to teach about the chain, its history, founders @illia
its ethos, technology and current events, the chain, the DeFi ecosystem, NFT Dapps, social network, its evolution and technological advancement compared to other networks that have more marketing but in this case they have more tech :slight_smile:

Different people and actors within the community were brought together, developers, enthusiasts, people who did not know about blockchain, students and even leaders of other chains.

My goal in these meetup and workshop events is to present the different advanced functions, dapps and evolution of NEAR, as well as Aurora EVM and its ecosystem. Teach about DeFi and its ecosystem at NEAR as an essential solution for crypto enthusiasts and investors and the benefits of the Meta Pool Liquid Staking protocol to attendees and thus encourage onboarding to the chain.

Explain to them what a wallet is, the different existing brands (Meteor Wallet, Here Wallet, Mynearwallet, among others), main DEXs, Lending, Borrow, Yield, book orders, bridges, the Infrastructure and current partners, NFT Dapps, the trending projects, the advantages over other blockchains, the promising future and advances on AI + Blockchain, advances in rollups, appchain, among others.

Attendance at the first in-person session were few people who responded to the invitation because they did not know little or anything about NEAR and Aurora.

Then in the last two sessions, attendance and “FOMO” due to the adoption of NEAR increased :grin:

A maximum of 25 people attended.



People from different Latin America participated in the virtual meetups, with great enthusiasm, an average of 22 people attended the calls.

Public knowledge about blockchain, NEAR and Aurora among the public in my city:

It was a great pleasure to have held these sessions so that people in my town could learn a little more about crypto and blockchain.

greetings to all