Beats DAO DIscord Server Management Report (December 2021)

I created the BeatDAO Discord server as soon as the DAO was birthed.
I deployed the channels: Monthly-beat-submission/competition, beat-attack, events to be categorized under the text channels. I created the “funding” and “project-actualization” channel and categorized them under “DAO AACTIVITIES”

The Beat DAO Discord server served a very integral purpose in the actualization of the monthly beat competition and the DAO recruited many individuals outside the ecosystem with this. Individuals with the usernames: sagrado, chesbro, Beats & Bits//Sterling e.t.c got recruited into the NEAR ecosystem through the Beat Competition that was held on the Discord server and their participation mandated them to open near wallets for the sake of receiving their reward in NEAR tokens.

At the moment BeatDAO Discord Server has 21 members with a 50% engagement quotient.

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