Are you interested in having your NEAR community found?

This is the linktree yall been waiting for!! The linktree of linktrees, the meta of metaverse, the community of communities!!

Are you looking for NEAR friends NEAR you?

Are your looking to bring a hub nearer to you?

Do you like NEAR? Do you like NEAR people? Do you like NEAR related things with NEAR people?

Some people who have used our linktree have said the following testimonials

“I really like NEAR. I wanted to meet more NEAR people. That when I stumbled upon this dope post on the NEAR governance forum.”
-NEAR Steve
“I met my wife on this NEAR”
-NEAR Steve again
“I remember having a dream, I wish my NEAR linktree was on another NEAR linktree”
-NEAR Chapter Leader Stacy
“High quality links, high quality thinks, NEAR is really good”


Ayyyyy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: love the linktree game! Thank you for your work.

Love how easy it is to join the fam!!! Thx 4 making the link tree