April Report for The Re-Making Show on BeatDAO

Report on The Re-Making Show on BeatDAO for April

It is a great honour to be in BeatDAO and to be able to contribute to the growth of the DAO, not only that but to also be one of the people organising activities and engaging the BeatDAO members.

The Re-Making Show has come and gone and it was the first of its kind, which saw as many producers both old and new participate in re producing a beay from the song of our choice.

A total of 11 producers participated submitting the same number of beats and at the end of the day only three producers were needed to claim the first, second and third positions based on their submissions.

After carefully listening to the 11 submissions by the BeatDAO Operational Committee, two producers (Mubzy and Della MC emerged first and second respectively) and after a poll was conducted, the BeatDAO family voted COT Music as the third.

Here are the winners

  1. Mubzy (Mubzy.near) $150

  2. Della MC (dellamc.near) $100

  3. COT Music (cotmusic.near) $50

And this is the payout proposal for $200 for
Big M (fatokunmayowa.near)

Thank you


Nice report!

If someone would like to listen to all entries, feel free to check the link below: