[PROPOSAL] The Re-Making Show by BeatDAO

Posting on behalf of @BigM007

(His account since day one is temporarily locked for posting)

Name of Event: The Re-Making Show
Timeline: First week of every month
Host/Manager: Big M ( @BigM007 )
Near Wallet: fatokunmayowa.near

Music production is sweet but has never been easy. It is sometimes hectic but the outcome is usually rewarding and satisfying.

Music to me is passion and the production process shouldn’t be a secret, it should be open to the public as knowledge is meant to be shared and used to build fellow humans in other to become better at what they do, hence, The Re-Making Show.

The Re-Making Show
What is it?

It is a monthly beat re-making contest where the BeatDAO council chooses a beat from a popular artiste like Skepta or Kendrick Lamar, places it in the group chat and producers get to re-make the same beat.

After producers re-make the beat, the council will decide which three beats are closest to the one they referenced and then go on to award the winning producers their prizes.


  1. This will allow upcoming and even seasoned producers to gain more experience in the production process and also allow producers to get out of their comfort zones and learn new tricks and tips in the trade.

  2. Watching how a hit song’s beat was made live by another producer will not only bring producers closer to artistes but also allow producers to gain respect in the ecosystem.

  3. This is another genuine event coming from BEATDAO and no doubt a tool to bring in more producers and artists to show off their talents and engage with other members in the ecosystem for the sole benefit of contributing to the growth of the ecosystem through utilization of their talents.


  1. Choose beat from group chat/google drive
  2. Re-make beat
  3. Upload beat back to google drive and include a video of where you are re-making

At the end of submissions, the three closest of the beats to the original will be picked as the winners by the BeatDAO council.

Participants will win prizes at the end of the day.
First Prize: $150 DAI
Second Prize: $100 DAI
Third Prize: $50 DAI

Management: $200 DAI

Total requested funds: $500 DAI


Instead of trying to make a similar beat close to the original, why don’t BeatDAO provide a sample for beat makers and they can use that sample to make a new beat, it’ll be interesting to see how they can murder a particular sample, I mean from 1 sample they’ll be varieties of different original beats. But then again, this is just my opinion tho’, peace.


Good idea for the month of May! I like it!


:100: Love this idea! Will be a really cool to hear all the different interpretations of the music, and see where skills are at.