[report] flipping samples show, april 2022

This is a report on the Flipping Samples show organized for music producers.
Producers were given two samples to make a beat out of.

12 beats were submitted and all entries were uploaded to the NXM YouTube channel.

Top two winners were chosen by the council @Wiswiz @Paul based on

  1. Creativity
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Good sounding
    on the 26th and the community was asked to vote for third place via a telegram poll.

Winners were announced on the 27th on the beatdao telegram channel.

Top 3 Beats from the Flipping Samples Show have been minted on the official BeatDAO store on Mintbase, with a royalty split of 90% for the producer and 10% for the dao treasury.

The top 3 producers also received their DAI rewards

1st Position : Raddit Echoman (raditechoman.near) 150DAI


Mintbase link:

2nd Position: Jugleboy
(nosa.near) 100DAI


Mintbase link:

3rd Position: YN Bien
(deroy.near) 50DAI


Mintbase link:

Thank you,