[Report] Wild User Interviews Podcast March + April 2023

Link to original proposal:

Hello friends,

I’d like to start this report by clarifying that all proposals - past, present, and future - for both my podcast and YouTube channel are proposals to create a specific amount of content (dollar value assigned to each piece of content, in this case, per podcast). The proposals are not time based proposals (i.e. on a monthly basis regardless of the work actually produced). This is consistent with all content based proposals Marketing DAO approves and is the only fair, logical approach. I believe it is important to clarify this as I’ve been subject to relentless attacks from low-level, troll accounts who continue to spread fake information about the funding my projects have received over time. (Everything is public, both on forum and on-chain).

Related to the point above, and moving into the substance of the report, the delivery period took longer than anticipated as I consistently put DAO work over my own, and its been some very busy months leading to the transition into NDC, among others.

Despite time constraints, the podcast continues to reach a solid base and grow organically across the core metrics we track including:

  • Ability to get top tier guests
  • Reach of Social media posts (shape narrative, increase awareness, multiple touchpoint til conversion to actually listen to podcast)
  • Key mentions - a big indicator for quality is whether our guest, their project, or other KOLs use the podcast as a marketing asset.

These metrics are important in the midst of a protracted bear market, and considering the NEAR community is facing several challenges. We are proud to be able to capture and create momentum, and to stand as a NEAR native local brand to keep spirits up while we build and support the legends who are pushing us forward.

Podcasts Produced:

Notes & Lessons

We continue to experiment with Short Clips. The agency we engaged didn’t quite deliver the results we were expecting and we are noticing much better results across our own Clips, which unfortunately puts a much bigger workload but it is worth it. We are sitting on a really valuable pile of content that will continue to be chopped and reused in new ways. We are also pretty confident and excited going forward as there are a lot of new AI tools that are also proving to be very beneficial.


Thank you for the report and for the link to the airtable metrics!

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