[REPORT] VN Artists DAO NOV2023-JAN2024


This report outlines VN Artists DAO’s (VAD) proposal for funding under NDC V1, focusing on widening NEAR adoption through outreach to new audiences. The proposal details two partnerships targeting the Vietnamese music and art communities, along with the deployment of dedicated Minsta portals for each.

Approved Proposal: [Approved for $4040] VN Artists DAO funding proposal NOV-2023 to JAN-2024 - Creatives / Creatives DAO - NEAR Forum

DAO Background:

VAD operates on the NEAR Protocol, fostering a creative environment for young Vietnamese artists and enthusiasts. Its mission is to leverage blockchain technology to showcase Vietnamese creative works globally.

All projects were conducted, surpassed our KPIs with following information:

200 accounts after 12 weeks in total, through 2 partnerships. We’ll establish Minsta fork and report on-chain numbers based on our Mintbase smart contract. (256%, surpassed KPI with 512 owners)


=> 817 artwork minted, all original, not AI generated, see more on Mintbase store

  • Onboarded successfully the Guitar Nhan Van student society, portal are being used to mint music events & society’s activities. See more on Minsta portal and Mintbase store

Next step:

  • We will encourage our partner to continue using the portal to connect members & maintain their communities.
  • Seek for support from the ecosystem to onboard new partnership and secure funding to maintain current communities
  • Any thoughts on how we can do better to prove our value to NEAR? Where is the suitable place to submit our proposal?