[Approved] VN Artists Dao April Featuring Collection

Every month, we run a featuring collection to honor the work of artists in our Mintbase Store. Our main goal is to maintain a commonplace for artists to showcase their works and nurture a VN Artists DAO culture via solid activities throughout the month.

Method to implement:

  • Onboarded Artists will be trained to mint their artworks on our Mintbase store
  • The first 20 artists who successfully mint their first NFT will be dropped 1N to purchase for their first work.
  • At the end of the month, instead of buying back NFT by the council, the Artists community will vote for the 3 best artworks to be rewarded Featured Artwork of the month
    • First prize: $200
    • Second prize: $150
    • Third prize: $100

Why & How?

  • How are you going to train new people?

We’re doing starter kits in Vietnamese for later use, this will be extremely helpful to onboard artists in their native language. Meanwhile, for the first month, we’re doing community calls & AMA with Near Vietnam Guild to help onboard new people in a more personal manner. We’ll reduce the number of community call to 2 calls/month once the kits are completed

  • Why a monthly collection? Why not weekly?

The standing of a month is long enough for new people to catch up with our activities. Besides, new members of our DAO will need to pass a process of simple verification on forum before submitting their first artwork.

  • Why that amount of reward for featured artwork?

While the activity is monthly, we take that number base on the reference of some weekly activities on Creative communities:

This enables us to save the budget to use on other efforts to create useful materials for future development.

  • Why 20 people?

We value real active members more than the number of people joining => This can passively generate conversion if we can actually onboard enthusiasts, we want to focus and take good care of new members.

Metrics to measure success:

  • Onboard >20 Vietnamese artists & creative enthusiasts (>20 new wallets activated)
  • 20 original artworks to be minted

  • Implement a voting poll on VAD for the community (>80% of members participate in voting) Right now Astro DAO doesn’t have the “multiple choice” function, so we’ll implement the poll on a third-party platform (Google/Telegram: TBD with DAO members).

Budget to implement:

Total request: $731

Break Down

1 NEAR = 10,6 USD (CMC 15:00 P.M GMT +7)

No. Purpose Amount in $
1 Deploy Mintbase Store: 6.5N 68,9
2 1N drop to buy back first NFT: x20 people: 20N 212
3 Featured Artwork of the Month: Frist prize 200
4 Featured Artwork of the Month: Second prize 150
5 Featured Artwork of the Month: Third prize 100

Link to the whole (Overview Proposals): [Approved] VN Artists Dao April Funding Request (Overview)