[Approved] VN Artists Dao May Featuring Collection

This is part of VN Artists DAO’s May - 2022 Funding Request

Link to the previous approved proposal

Every month, we run a featuring collection to honor the work of artists in our Mintbase Store. Our main goal is to maintain a commonplace for artists to showcase their works and nurture a VN Artists DAO culture via solid activities throughout the month.

Method to implement:

  • Onboarded Artists will be trained to mint their artworks on our Mintbase store

  • At the end of the month, instead of buying back NFT by the council, the Artists community will vote for the 3 best artworks to be rewarded Featured Artwork of the month

  • First prize: $200

  • Second prize: $150

  • Third prize: $100

Metrics to measure success:

  • Collect >20 artworks from Vietnamese artists & creative enthusiasts

  • 20 original artworks to be minted

  • Implement a voting poll on VAD for the community (>80% of members participate in voting) Right now Astro DAO doesn’t have the “multiple choice” function, so we’ll implement the poll on a third-party platform (Google/Telegram: TBD with DAO members).

  • This month we will implement a virtual gallery for the May collection

Budget to implement:

Total request: $450

Break Down

No. Purpose Amount in $
1 Featured Artwork of the Month: Frist prize 200
2 Featured Artwork of the Month: Second prize 150
3 Featured Artwork of the Month: Third prize 100

Link to the whole (Overview Proposals): [APPROVED] VN Artists Dao – May - 2022 Funding Request (Overview)