[Approved] DAO Membership NFT bounty

This is part of VN Artists Dao April Funding Request (Overview)

Dear Creatives,

Name of project: DAO Membership NFT bounty

Purpose: VN Artists DAO (VAD) is a hub for Vietnamese artists & creative enthusiasts in the Near Ecosystem. VAD wants to let its member participate in DAOcisions according to the real purpose of a DAO should be. Hence, a membership NFT is not only a recognition of its community but also through this bounty, we want newly onboarded artists to have a meaningful activity to jump in.

Method to implement: Submit an artwork to be minted as a Membership badge for VN Artist DAO on Mintbase You can submit more than one artwork, but the chosen artwork/artists is 1. Through community voting, we’ll choose 3 artworks among submissions, each rewarded 50$.

Time frame: April/2022

Budget request: $150 for 3 winners

Thank you so much for reading! [go to the main proposal]

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