[APPROVED] Vértebra September

“Vértebra” is the CUDO’s illustration project. Inviting designers / illustrators / tattoo artists to produce a series of illustrations with 10 artworks that can be transferred to the skin. These artworks will be published on our Instagram page and will be available for sale on our mintbase.

After the success our first edition in august, we wanna launch the new edition opening a new Bounty for 3 designers / illustrators / tattoo artists.

Fund asked:

  • Fund to pay the bounty of the 3 new artists that will be published throughout the month of October. Reward 1 photo/NFT per day: 17 USD x 30 days = 510 USD.
  • Fund to manage the uploads on our Mintbase = 35 USD

Sub-total = 545 USD (58N)


It will be incredible :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Great project! #gocudo