[Approved] Urshalima Foundation AMA with onboarding

(PROPOSAL) March, 2022 Urushalima Foundation AMA with onboarding.

I am a member of a Non-governmental community, comprising of young people of various spheres in life, with varying abilities and great skills, of whom will subsequently help expand the Near ecosystem. I wish to have an ama session in collaboration with some members of the Near Nigeria guild (NPK Guild) to equip members of the group with adequate knowledge of Blockchain and as well how they can potentially benefit from the technology with emphasis on Near protocol by contributing either as web developers or NFTS creators.


  1. The session will expose members of the group to proper knowledge of the Blockchain and near.

2.The group consist of young people of various disciplines including programmers/developers as well as artist and musicians who can contribute in building the Near protocol chain.
3. There will be onboarding of members and creations of near wallets of expectedly 50-100 active near wallets
Funding implications
A total sum of about 750$ in Near tokens will be needed for the onboarding of members with 600$ worth of near, 50$ for some selected questions and then 50$worth of near for the NPK partners and 50$ service fee for the anchor.

Near wallet ID: ejabani.near
Owner: Elisha Jabani
Group links
Group whatapp link: WhatsApp Group Invite
Telegram link: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Email address: urushalimafoundation@gmail.com
Partner link
Telegram username: @EJabani


Please explain in detail what exactly do you plan to do, share please your previous experience


I think everything stated on the above proposal is clear, if you have query on any stuff just put it down here, I will then clearify you.

I am currently working as Community moderator with NPK guild we have host several event and have submit all the necessary prove here.


Please describe where you do plan to make AMA, who is a hoster, who are the guests, who are the audience, what are the AMA-topics.
Please describe the previous experience hosting AMA and proves.
Please provide more details on budget (especially 600$ for onboarding, 50$ for NPK partners, 50$ service fee for anchor (what anchor?))

Thank you.


Intended to onboard 100 members approximately at cost of 0.5near per each costing almost at a price of 12$ per near as at when proposal was submitted which gives 600$

The AMA we intend to have it on the telegram platform that was attached to the proposal above, plan to discuss about Near protocol it peculiarity over other existing platform, the opportunity on the platform as more of intended members planning to have the AMA with are college student, some are developers, musicians and so on, with various ability and skills that will be beneficiary to Near ecosystem. The host we plan to work together with NPK guild were by all the guild members will be present on the platform for the AMA and the members will be given room to ask questions regarding what near is all about and anything related to the technology and how they can get themselves partispate in the ecosystem. I will be moderating the AMA, I have moderate AMA done on NPK guild by octopus, C 1 guild an all evidence is available on NPK guild report.


Sorry, I asked other questions (please read carefully) and didn’t get the answers.
Please provide proof links
I see only 19 members in the group you posted.

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The telegram community was recently created for the AMA, most of our members are on whatsup and we have some affiliate members that have not yet join the community, we are looking toward if Near approved our proposal we make a big announcement to the community and our supporters out there.


GUEST: NPK guild team lead and members.



they have not been any AMA done on the URSHALIMA FOUNDATION telegram community from conception till date, this will be the first of it kind working toward bringing our members to the telegram platform for the AMA, this foundation is majorly consist of young talented individuals, full of potential and zeal, I know by this move alone it will energies them toward channeling their knowledge to Near ecosystem, as we have student that are studying computer science in University, Theater and performing arts, young talented musicians, seeing all the peculiarity of this community talents was the reason for this proposal.

For the 19 members on the telegram group as I explain earlier, the telegram group was recently open and majorly because of the intended upcoming AMA if the proposal is approved, most of our members are on Whatsup community group, and we decide to make this AMA open to as much people as possible.


@MktngDAO_Advisors what do you think about it? Thanks :blush:

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Thanks @Dacha – Hi @Ejabani – I support your proposal. I would recommend showing attendees how to use specific Near projects/apps so that the session can lead to activity in the Near ecosystem. Or inviting them to participate in the Forums to become a part of the community.

In the event that you do not get the 500 attendees projected, what will you do with the remaining funds? Perhaps host another event? I would like to see a plan for how you will use the Near funds should the attendance be lower since it is your first time doing this kind of event for this particular organization.

Since this is your first AMA of this kind, if this is approved by the @marketingdao-council, then please report back with clear data on how the event went so we can understand the success and impact of the event.


Yes, from me. Have a great day!


Share please stats from WhatsApp.
We could use the neardrop.io services to help onboard new users (create new wallets) and we will have stats about newcomers.

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Awesome near Nigeria will be available sorry 4 the delay


Yep, the group leaders met with some core team member of Near Nigeria and they discussed this issue, I loved it too and decided to write out a proposal to let the community decide.

The Audience is the community in question.

The Guest: I myself been the team Lead of Near Nigeria and some other core members

Host: The creator of this post


That’s cool no problem about that :ok_hand:

GM gang, moving this to approved

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