[Weekly reports] Marketing DAO council Dacha

Week #7

  • 7 new proposals :muscle:
  • Everyone got feedback in timely manner, two proposals were approved, all other waiting for grantees or Marketing DAO councils responses;

  • I Voted for all approved on the forum proposals on Astro DAO without any delays;

  • Some community members were offered 3-months funding, because show awesome results and transparent reports;

  • After negotiations with Reddit team, they reduced monthly rewards on half ($10 000 → $5 000). Thanks, David, for help.

  • I continue to work open, that required for councils by DAO Council Members’ Expectations & Responsibilities guide, avoiding any not-public decisions;

  • The week challenge for me - as a Council, you should be ready to say No and prepare to receive negative comments in your address;

By the way, would you like to jump into Marketing DAO as a council (anonymous pool) ? :grinning:

  • Yes, wanna try it
  • No, it’s not for me

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I continue to do my best, together with Community, waiting for a new Communuty-driven DAO’s structures and procedures. Thanks everyone for support.

Weekly Marketing DAO Excel table: proposals, delays, councils and advisors activities

Marketing DAO - week7.pdf (137.9 KB)


Грэт джоб @Dacha , жаль , что не увидим тебя в Дэнвере :sleepy:


@another week in paradise. Thank you @Dacha for the great work​:clinking_glasses:


This is OUTSTANDING - Nice!


Good idea. I couldn’t agree more.

I’m not talking about this incident nor about any person on this topic. These are the points that I made inferences based on my online communication experiences/observations.

Idk if people developing new habits due to pandemic. I sometimes feel some people got so used to hiding their faces so much that they get offended when we ask for it. :sweat_smile:
ps. I love you all even without makeup.

I also observed that some ‘shy!’ people hiding their faces so much at some point started changing their attitudes towards people. These people at some point forget that the person in front of them also has feelings and try to judge them thoughtlessly, even being offensive as if they are talking to a machine (more like punching buttons of an ATM)

And as a result, this comes across as a very important issue that inhibits friendship, cooperation and therefore creativity.

Regards :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Week #8

  • 9 proposals :muscle:

Everyone got feedback in timely manner on the forum, except couple one (need to get information from NF or advisors).

  • Overall, since the Marketing DAO has been launched we got 202 proposals :muscle:

  • @jlwaugh joined in Marketing DAO as a council :muscle:

  • at the week I with Near Community members founded tg group about games on Near Protocol and Aurora (Russian language) and already onboarded over 300 people :muscle:

  • I’m transferring the Marketing DAO table “on chain” (thewiki page) as a next level of transparency :muscle:

  • Finally, cool song from Near Community contributors -
    “Near gives decentralization”.

не знаю толи плакать толи смеяться :expressionless:

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Cool song :notes: :notes::notes::notes::notes:

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пусть будет так, но каким боком это к NEAR ?

Great translation from Ru on En, by the way :blush:


Good evening.

In February 2022 Marketing DAO received

42 proposals :muscle:

Briefly Proposal Created
Cudo Dao February [Approved] CUDO DAO FEBRUARY Social Media, communication and marketing 02/01/22
Persian ssm [Approved / Report] January and requested Marketing budget Persian Guild 2/1/2022
French community [Approved] Funding For the NEAR French Community 2/3/2022
India expansion [Proposal] Central India Community building and Expansion 2/3/2022
Bailey12 [Approved]] For the Show with Bailey12 2/3/2022
Instagram accounts [Approved] [January][Report] Instagram Community Accounts - #2 by Dacha 2/3/2022
Reddit December [Closed, merged] NEAR Reddit Ops December Summary - #11 by Dacha 2/3/2022
Kin DAO [Approved] Kin DAO - February Marketing 2022 2/4/2022
Kitchen guild [Approved] Kitchen Guild for January - #2 by Dacha 2/4/2022
Goa guild [Approved] March 2022 Social Media and Marketing activities budget for Goa Guild 2/5/2022
NxM [Approved] NxM DAO - Marketing February 2022 2/5/22
Muti DAO [Approved] Marketing mutiDAO February 2/5/22
Korea Planet [Closed] The Marketing korea crypto planet - #2 by Dacha 2/6/22
Global free [Approved (no funding)] GLOBAL FREE AMBASSADOR PROGRAM FOR NEAR PROTOCOL ECOSYSTEM 2022 - #2 by Dacha 2/6/22
PH guild February [Closed] PH Guild February 2022 Initiative 2/7/22
Dance ambassador [Approved] FOR NEAR DANCE AMBASSADOR (NDA) February 2022 2/8/22
VR DAO FEb 3x [Approved] VR-DAO February Social Media and Marketing 2/9/22
NPK guild Nigeria February [Approved] npkguild(near nigeria) activities for february 2/9/22
Reddit Dec, Jan [Approved] Reddit Ops - Backpay and new compensation proposal 2/10/22
Mexico Beer [Proposal] EiR Crypto beer México - #2 by Dacha 2/13/22
Marma J Denver [Approved] NEAR Workshop at ETH Denver by the Marma J Foundation 2/13/22
Kalakendra [Proposal]February 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for KalakendraDAO 2/14/22
Turkey [PROPOSAL] NEAR Turkey February / March / April 2022 2/14/2022
Tama Island [Proposal] Tama Island Metaverse Events 2/15/2022
Germany 3 months [Approved] NEAR German February/March 2022 2/15/2022
Stars guild new [Approved] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ 2022 season opening with 10 youtubers - #6 by Dacha 2/16/2022
Events, Influencers Goa [Proposal] Events, entertainment focus on high level artists, attendants and influencers 2/17/2022
Urushalima [Approved] Urshalima Foundation AMA with onboarding 2/14/2022
9ja talent activation [Approved] 9ja musical talent hunt/activation 2/17/2022
Scout DAO [Denied] Scout DAO 7 days NEAR SCOUT CAMPOREE in Ogun State - #4 by Dacha 2/19/2022
Argentina Guild [Approved] FEBRUARY 2022 Argentina Guild members Marketing Budget 2/20/2022
NEar Insider [PROPOSAL] March 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild - #16 by so608 2/22/2022
Roadshow Paras [PROPOSAL] reimbursement travel expense Roadshow Paras & NEAR Protocol 2/23/2022
Bangladesh [PROPOSAL] Near Bangladesh Open DAO - #3 by CONARID 2/22/2022
African video [Proposal] The first African/Nigerian video commercial/ Advertising 2/24/22
Nordic [Proposal] Near Nordic Guild Initiative - March 2022 - #6 by Jessica 2/23/2022
Adoption Near [PROPOSAL] Adoption of NEAR 2/23/2022
Kin dao March [PROPOSAL] Kin DAO March Marketing 2022 2/27/2022
Gambi March [PROPOSAL] Gambiarra-DAO - GAMBIARRA MARKETING 03/2022 2/27/2022
Metaverse DAO [Proposal] Metaverse DAO - MARKETING 03/2022 2/27/2022
Near Indonesia Feb/March [Proposal] NEAR Indonesia February/March 2022 2/24/2022
Youtube content mrketing [PROPOSAL] YouTube content marketing 02/28/2022

Approved 17 of them (forum + voting on Astro DAO) :muscle:

Total approved amount is 12294 N + $1300 for MV traders project + Global free ambassador program

Marketing DAO Excel table (full list of proposals with links, amounts, reports, target wallets, council’s activities and voting on Astro DAO)

Marketing DAO - 03:02:2022.pdf (153.3 KB)


Awesome job, bro keep


Hey! What an AMAZING job!

Thank you! :vulcan_salute:



Updated Marketing DAO table :grinning:
Continue all together work hardly :muscle: … 252 proposals since Marketing DAO was established

Marketing DAO - .pdf (168.8 KB)


Thank you for compiling this and posting it!


Thank Dacha!! Really good feedback!


Good evening, everyone :wave:

Couple important updates:

  • During last two weeks all NF employees councils stepped out from Marketing DAO - James, JC and David;
  • We onboarded two new councils (our advisors);
  • on 12-13 weeks, we got 17 proposals, approved 5 of them on chain
Dacha’s decision Briefly Proposal Created Approved on chain? Delay
Waiting for councils Save the clan [Proposal] Marketing & Communication for "Save The Clan" (one time payout) 03/15/2022 12
No Youtube proposal channel [Proposal] Youtube Proposal 03/15/2022 12
Yes Reddit compensation [Approved] February Report for Reddit Ops - compensation for March - #3 by Dacha 03/15/2022 Yes
Yes Naksh event [Approved] Marketing Budget for Naksh to participate at the SDNFT Con 2022 03/15/2022 Yes
Waiting for councils Near Insider [Proposal] April 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild 3/17/2022 10
Yes Mintbase Drop 1700N [Approved] Merch for NFConference in April 2022 in Lisbon 3/17/2022 Yes
Yes Klint mintbase Nordic [Proposal] April Launch Event + Promotion / Mintbase x NFTs for Near Nordic 3/17/2022 10
Yes Ru community [Approved] RU Community Guild (Managing + Activities) March 2022 - #2 by Dacha 3/17/2022 Yes
Yes Ru media [Approved] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) March 2022 3/17/2022 Yes on forum, waiting on chain
Waiting for councils Near books club (Proposal)Starting Near Book Clubs In Tertiary Institutions 3/18/2022 9
Yes Near Italia [REPORT] [Approved] February Near Italia - #2 by Fitz 3/18/2022 Yes
Closed Near Turkey [PROPOSAL] NEAR Turkey April / May / June 2022 - #2 3/20/2022 7
Yes Yucon, 3+1, Tea+Talk events [Proposal] Yucon, 3+1, Tea+Talk events 03/23/2022 4
Waiting for councils Global new Video [Proposal] Global Youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - March - April 2022 03/24/2022 3
DAO records Vandal [Proposal] DAOrecords - Marketing DAO Funding - April 2022 03/25/2022 2
Education bot Goa [Proposal] April 2022 Education program on Telegram chat bot 03/26/2022 1

Full marketing DAO table

Marketing DAO - Sheet1.pdf (176.0 KB)

Thanks :grinning:


@Dacha. Thank you for the ever prompt report.

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Amazing work as always :slight_smile:


Awesome - thank you for the update, really appreciated.

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