[Approved] Tulum coin - Tulum crypto fest 12-15th may marketing funding

hi i posted here [NEW EVENT] TulumCrypto Fest 12-15th MAY the full proposal but i would like to simplify and do a clear proposal for Marketing DAO funding
Tulum Guilt.

we are asking funding of $3,000 usd to #marketing:marketingdao for:
Onboarding activation social good NFT presale

  • $3,000usd for the tulum Crypto Fest presence
  • speaking about tulum coin on stage
  • digital presence in all the channels
  • presence at the event
  • user registration spot
  • Promo Bootth
  • Team assisting (4 people)

$1,000 usd for :

  • 500 Near drop links to open Near wallets and onboard to TulumCoin cmmunity
  • social media and discrod manager and promotion
  • creating content (videos, designs, alliances)
  • educating the community into blockchain system and near protocol
  • engaging the community into the near ecosystem with videos and followup

Total Funding Request <$4,000>

We expect to have a big impact in the Tulum Community and Visitors during the event and after. Our metrics to mesure succes would be the wallets with the name and info in the data base, airdrops, scans and followers and members in our channels


Good evening, now it’s free with Sender wallet .


Nice!! and I like that is an extension, I saw how you can do it and seems great!
Thanks for sharing :hugs:


No, problem :blush: It Looks like we got your proposal with significant delay; the fest is starting tomorrow… Should I close the proposal? Thank you.


Hey @Dacha thak you for asking… We are putting the money from our pockets again, so if you do could help us for this funding would be awesome, no matter if if takes a little longer, but if we could fund this with the help of #marketing:marketingdao would be awesome :hugs:


Hi @Cryptocoatl

I did some research on sender wallet and as it turns out, it does not work on mobile phones. If we were to rely on Sender Wallet, we could only sign up people that have their laptop and connectivity at the venue.

To me, this does not seem smart to have to say “sorry, we can’t sign you up because you actually should have brought your laptop today”.

I would suggest that there are neardrop links for people who do have a laptop with them, which I believe will be the majority of the people attending the event.


Hi! Are you streaming it also on the metaverse? Thanks :slight_smile:


Yess! It would be amazing to be able to have the drop links and make the journey a lot easier for people to get on board into near ecosystem. Not a lot of people has Near wallet and that is still the main bump for people to get more engage.
Also de T-shirts that we are doing have the Near Logo on it so we are going to have presence on the Tulum Crypto Fest with the protocol, it would be awesome to make it as easy and exiting as posible for people attending that important event for Mexico Web3.0 world.


Well the NEARdrop cost about 0.27 NEAR for wallets with 0.20 NEAR. How many are needed?

I think we need to give away a free NFT to motivate people to want to get a wallet. Or how were you thinking to motivate people to take the time to get the NEAR wallet? I am thinking a TulumCoin at the Tulum Crypto Fest NFT.

mr_free do you think the Onboarding DAO would consider funding some NEARdrop wallets since Sender Wallet is not likely going to work for most attendees of the Tulum Crypto Fest?


Hi @Cryptocoatl,

Thanks for putting together this proposal.

Can you clarify what the status of this proposal is? Seems like at the time of reviewing this the event has already occurred?


Yes! We had very very good response from the people attending and a great production from the Tulum Crypto Fest team.

it was a really beautiful event and we opened Near wallets and gave NFTs to +60 people

Lots of networking between amazing projects, good things will come from this event.

We do want to ask for the funding to #marketing:marketingdao to be able to pay our team, that putted the money from its own budget, if it’s possible. At least the 3k and the near for the drops but if you can support also with the media management, we really need to be able to pay the team to make it right.


Indeed, we need to mention Bancmabios a project building on top of NEAR Protocol was active at the event, where we met the pro-Bitcoin Mexican senator Kempis who is now very aware of the initiatives we are proposing together with Bancambios, Tulum Coin and Regen Tulum. The three projects are advocating for sustainability “pegged” to transactions on the NEAR Blockchain. Also Forbes Mexico was wearing the t-shirt and fully aware of the efforts of the Team that was representing NEAR, Bancambios, Tulum Coin & Regen Tulum. With 600 attendees, our stand was the only stand minting and distributing the Special Edition NFT minted on Mintbase > Tulum Crypto Fest NFT on Mintbase

This event is important because the local hotel industry, local business owners would be invited to use the Tulum Coin DApp, the Bancambios NFT minter for good on NEAR.

This is great opportunity to solidification out Team, and outlook the next goals of our projects.

Thank you guys for all the amazing efforts, and for those reading this post please drop your near wallet if you want to receive the NFT of the event. Only 10 more left.


Interesting, we used NEARdrop from NEAR Protocol and Bancambios was sponsoring the wallet creation. People do not carry a laptop during the conferences, as this is a browser extension. It is more convenient to use NEARdrop. That’s what we did.


And we are an open book, we have absolutely all the invoices:

  • Stand at the event
  • NFT design
  • 50 t-shirts
  • Staff
  • NEARdrop
  • Roll-ups
  • Transportation
  • Everything

We are top believers on what we do and in the technology and we are very passionate about it. We do this with love and professionalism. And we want to keep doing it.


Thanks for the updates! @osc.near

Glad the event was able to go through even though the original timing for the proposals wasn’t fully aligned.

While we prefer budgets to be pre-approved, having the ability to execute on projects even without funding is a strong indicator of commitment to the community and would certainly meet the threshold of a passion project.

I’m happy to support the proposal for the original amount of US$4,000, looking forward to seeing the community of Tulum continue to grow



Yes, next time we can stream on Bancambios Metaverse for events.

And NFTs would be ready to claim for Virtual assistants, assistance would be able to each the speaking sessions, see the Beach, event talk to people in real time attending the event : )


That’s beautiful.

I have to agree, all the breakdown of the associated costs should be published on the proposal.

All of all, we are open books and we collected invoices to provide proofs.

Tulum community will keep growing in Tulum, millions of people visit Tulum and the Mayan Riviera per year.

We will keep working to make Bancambios and Tulum Coin the predilect wallets, DApps in the areas, not only community, but we can start connecting businesses, enterprises, hospitality, activities, and so on.

Thanks for your support to the vision of these projects. :heart_on_fire:


hey! @Cryptocoatl
I actually have an amazing activation for next NEAR MEET or NEAR Nights.


yess! Lets chat and organize that meeting soon, we need to keep on engaging all the Tulum Community and around. :grin: