[NEW EVENT] TulumCrypto Fest 12-15th MAY

Hi Near Community!!

Tulum is a very active community, where we have hosted successfully 2 NEAR MEET in December and January. Tulum has become a popular destination for IT people to gather. This 12-15th MAY its the first crypto festival and we want to be there presenting our eco-friendly community-driven Tulum.Coin DApp.

This proposal is to ask for support to show case our project of Tulum.coin, a decentralized application where people and visitors can find activities and on-chain interactions. Of course it will be built on top of NEAR Protocol. We plan to onboard as much people as possible via droplink.

Start to register first USers to join our DApp and our DAO, create their wallet, claim their first free NFT, learn about NEAR, and explain our plans with TulumCoin to the audience and assistants.

During the event, we will have a Booth, together with Bancambios. Where we plan to use linkdrop to help the audience and assistants to create their NEAR wallet, we expect to create from 150 to 400 new NEAR wallets during the event. And register from 200 to 500 people to onboard to our DApp; The Tulum Coin DApp.

This proposal is to ask for support to cover the costs of a Booth, Tickets, Roll-up Printing, media publications, rent a TV to display Environment Friendly NFT, and cover the basic needs to make a successfull presentation of our NEAR-based projects. The event and our efforts would be publish in different media outlets including Forbes Mexico and others.

This will empower us to keep developing TulumCoin DAO. but also i thought that it could be awesome if we can escalate to the 10k option more as a NEAR Protocol presentation, where it includes our project, but we can have more presence with the different alternatives that NEAR Protocol has to offer to the Crypto World community.

Is well known, Tulum has become a strong global crypto hub where people gather to connect with new people.

We plan to mint different NFT, some of them free, some of them for sale, where the 80% of sales will be sent to projects protecting the Turtles or Cleaning the Sian Kan Biosphere a Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

We are a group of passionate people eager to make the venue looks great, create activations with the use of NEAR technology, speaker spot, promo booth, logo placement.

So the proposals are:

1.-support TulumCoin with 3k to have presence as a sponsor in the event and onboard people having 2 vip and 2 general access

2.- Enter as Near Protocol sponsorship 10k including TulumCoin, Mintbase, Near Hispano, DAOcubator and Bancambios.
4 vip and 4 general access.

Team involved in this proposal:

@Mintbase @osc.near @Cristian @regentulummich @reginamintbase @asyraf.near @Francesipimenteln @shiftshapr


hey hey!!

Let’s do this, NEAR peeps we are glad to announce this initiative and partnership/collaboration with @Cryptocoatl as you may know we have hosted 2 NEAR MEET in Tulum, both very successful meetups that helped create new wallets and inform the people about the NEAR Protocol.

During the event we will mint free-to-claim NFT, NFT that support the environment. And introduce our 2 projects @Bancambios and @TulumCoin

In the event we will use droplink so attendees will be able to create their NEAR wallet and interact with the network.

New great things are coming, this is only the beginning.


Hey @Cryptocoatl ! Nice proposal.

  1. Who is this funding proposal to? NEAR Hispano? May want to update the subject line to be clear about who the funding proposal is to

  2. You may want as well to tag #tulum-guild on this proposal since this applies.

And register from 200 to 500 people to onboard to our DApp; The Tulum Coin DApp.

  1. Do we onboard to TulumCoin DAO or DApp. If Dapp, please clarify what you mean by onboarding to the DApp? Is that getting on waiting list or buying NFT?

  2. Pacha DAO and Bridgit DAO would like to be included since in Tulum as well and will be able to help manning the booth


Thank you Steph. Exciting times in deed and a great opportunity to showcase NEAR and onboard atendees to the Near ecosystem and give all these projects the spotlight and support needed!

Lets do this!!! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Steph thanks for this proposal. As you have well said, Tulum has become a hub fur crypto investors and enthusiasts from all over the world and the opportunity to showcase our TulumCoin initiative at the Tulum Crypto Fest is one we absolutely should take advantage of, yet we also need funding for such, as the work we have all been doing thus far and for quite some time now has been voluntary and out of pure passion and love for our planet and for our beloved Tulum.

It’s important to point out that one of the main goals of TulumCoin is to on board all kinds of businesses and organizations so they can accept TulumCoin as payment for their sales transactions, out of which a percentage will be set aside on a fund to help regenerate Tulum and save it from ecosystem collapse. Proposals for regenerative projects will be submitted through our DAO and voted on by community members. The more support and visibility we can obtain to help create awareness and bring on board businesses, orgs, and individuals, the better. It is imperative that we succeed in this endeavor and I am confident that working with NEAR as our ally and platform for such projects this has now become a very real and tangible possibility. I 100% support this proposal as Tulum Crypto Fest will place us at the forefront of our target market and will allow us to catalyze TulumCoin adoption much faster.


1.- The proposal is to #community and i tagged #creatives:mintbase #creatives and also #near-hispano-guild #creatives:creatives-dao and #marketing:marketingdao cause i belive it would be awesome if we can have some presence for a couple of the things that we are working on #near and not only show case TulumCoin in the Tulum Crypto Fest, but go a bit further with the network.
2.- ofcourse!! supr tagged jeje #tulum-guild

3.-The dApp we will have the developers team working as hard as posible to get the wallet and full dApp set up, In the Fest we will onboard all that people into near wallets, explaining how to get the NFTs, the vision/mision of the regenerative project behind our token, understanding the use cases that we could have, getting them to interact with our channels and of course get on the data base that would work as the waiting list for when the dApp is ready, but it allows already, more people to dive into the community ecosystem.

  1. We would love to have Pacha and Bridgit DAO as one of the projects for sure. You know im a big big fan of Pachaverse and i do believe is a really beautiful educational tool.

@godofnfts and @adrianseneca: any feedback on this?


Keep up the good work! @thekindao with @primordiadao project will be attending Tulum Crypto Festival! We look forward to meeting you all in person next week​:dizzy::sparkling_heart:



This thread looks to be duplicated here:

Can we select one to keep to ensure that the conversation isn’t divided?


Really exciting event! I know The Kin DAO team will be attending :slight_smile:

As for this proposal, I think it would be beneficial to lay out a more detailed budget with a breakdown of both the 3k and the 10k you are asking for so the communities you are proposing to can get a deeper understanding of where the funds would be used and how it will be bringing value to NEAR.

Definitely hoping you get some good feedback and engagement as you prepare for this next week!!


It is not duplicated @David_NEAR it is wrote there, i posted here, for the #community to know about it, but it is directed for the #marketing:marketingdao. We can keep the conversation in the one you prefer.

Thanks Adriana!! exited to see you all!!

And the budget is there, is for attending to fest it self

Proposal : 3k to have TulumCoin in the Tulum Crypto fest.

Onboarding activation

  • 500 Near drop links to open Near wallets
  • educating the community into blockchain system and near protocol
  • engaging the community into the near ecosystem

social good NFT presale

Team attendance:
2 vip and 2 general

-10k to have more Near projects with a better exposure for people to understand further the Near Ecosystem and possibilities. with 4 vip and 2 general access

1 general access = 333 usd
1 VIP access = 700 usd

The funds will be going to the Fest it self and they give us back pretty much half of it in tickets for our team to come and the rest goes for the event and onboard, this year is the first edition and there was no big sponsorship to pay for it and there is also a looot of really good grypto projects that would like to be part, expose, have their team acces, etc.

So what they are asking is for the projects that want to expose and have their team attending to the event a contribution and i found it pretty logic and good.

niiice!! We will love to see you here and see how can we engage more as a community.

Great to see this! To clarify that this isn’t a funding ask I’ve just amended the subject of the post.

Good luck - this looks like an incredible effort.


it is a funding ask @mecsbecs we are asking for 3k to #marketing:marketingdao for:
Onboarding activation

  • 500 Near drop links to open Near wallets and onboard to TulumCoin cmmunity
  • educating the community into blockchain system and near protocol
  • engaging the community into the near ecosystem

social good NFT presale

Team attendance:
2 vip and 2 general


Hi @Cryptocoatl - yes, understood! Your other post will need to be updated for the Marketing DAO council to address. They won’t be looking at this post/version since it’s not in their category or to their attention.

Additionally, when the NFT projects have launched, be sure to get in touch with Bee Together to have them listed as a potential social good use case and to leverage their expertise in helping NGO and NPO projects to reach their sustainability goals in web3:


Thanks @mecsbecs !! I will contact them for sure, thanks for sharing it looks awesome what they do and for sure we can weave something.

And perfect, we will continue the conversation about the funding there then. :blush:

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