[Closed] BetweenCoins / Entre Monedas DOCUMENTARY JULY 2023

[BetweenCoins Entre Monedas] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [July] - [2023]**


  • DAO introduction

Entre Monedas its a documentary series that will be connecting a lot of projects around the world.
With 14 chapters for the first season, Between Coins becomes the chain link between multiple community currencies that had been working for many years, and lots of new digital projects emerging too. Exploring experiences, difficulties, learnings, key actions, common and differential points between communities, IRL currencies and blockchain technology.
Starting with Mexico as the first chapter, we will expolore the community currencies like Tumin, Mixuca
TulumCoin and the new “coco” The puerto escondido currency, such as projects like HuertoRomaVerde where we can see the regenerative practices on IRL and soon OnChain contributions…
So this first chapter around Mexico will be very exiting start for the “discovery” journey that the full 14 chapters of the first season will represent. Going trough UK, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, Argentina… Connecting many communities and interacting with the story telling of this exiting historical moment we are experiencing, documenting the process and taking it to the main stream, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, HBO, and of course web3 platforms too.
It will be NFT co-producers, investors, and even its own token. The weaving betweenCoin will be an amazing IRL/Web3 laboratory.
So very exited to share this with the Creatives DAO and near community.

  • Why team is best for the funds

Our team is absolutely committed with the projects, beyond the documentary, the worldwide community building.
With the equipment needed we will be able to create so much content for everything we are doing.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

the betweenCoins Entre Monedas DAO is fresh new created for this project, but i am part of several DAOs, like SacredWaters, MoreWomenInCrypto, PetGas, Ancestral Aquifer Alliance, and the main one TulumCoin, this last one inspired a lot of this pulse to create the documentary, as we really feel we need to weave this experiences in order to have the most succesful community currency creation process.
With this TulumCoin DAO we have been doing a lot of Near activations next to @osc.near from @Bancambios from beach clean ups to Near onboarding events, wallet creation, like the RIM event where Open Forest Protocol presented, and the wallet activation, NFT drop, T-shirts and reusable bottles branded from Near at the first edition of Tulum Crypto Fest and in multiple beach clean ups

This are some of the links for the NEAR activations
From TulumCoin, Bancambios, MWIC, and mine, Steph Ferrera.

And this is the very new instagram for the documentary

Right now in the BetweenCoins DAO we are just two members, me and Marlyn, lightgoddess.near that decided to join me in the adventure of this creation. But there are multiple members of the project that will get into the DAO as the project evolves.
such as artist, musicians, film makers, editors and partners.

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art :white_check_mark:
  2. Music :white_check_mark:
  3. Culture :white_check_mark:
  4. Mixed-Media :white_check_mark:
  5. cinematographic :white_check_mark:
  • Impact

The impact we see is the connection between communities around the world and the possibility to get Near presence and awareness all around the world while we are filming the documentary, we could weare and give Near merch, open wallets, sell NFTs and onboard participants for the documentary into the DAO and join the Near Ecosystem.

  • Roadmap
  • Q 1: Record Mexico, get the seed funding, registration of rights and producer company.

  • Q 2: Europa, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland.

  • Q 3:El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina,

  • Q 4: Japan, China, Australia

DAO’s Milestones for proposal
This will be a long road to go, the total funding we calculated for the full 14 chapters is around 144k usd, so we will try multiple ways to look for funding on the way for make this shooting and networking journey in less than a year.


Project 1 ( Chapter 1 “Entre Monedas” )

|Description:|The first project is the production of the Mexico chapter of the documentary series “BetweenCoins Entre Monedas.” This chapter will explore community currencies like Tumin, Mixuca, TulumCoin, and the new “coco” in Puerto Escondido, along with projects like HuertoRomaVerde that showcase regenerative practices in both real life (IRL) and soon on chain. The aim is to document the experiences, challenges, learnings, and key actions of these communities, bridging the gap between IRL currencies and blockchain technology.|

| — | — |
|Expected outcome:|

  • A professionally produced and edited documentary chapter showcasing the community currencies and regenerative practices in Mexico, with a strong focus on the role of Near Protocol in supporting and empowering these initiatives.
  • Increased awareness and understanding of the potential of blockchain technology, particularly Near Protocol, in revolutionizing community currencies and promoting sustainable development.
  • Engagement and involvement of local communities and stakeholders in the Near Protocol ecosystem, fostering collaborations and partnerships for future blockchain-based initiatives.
  • Promotion of Near Protocol as a forward-thinking and impactful blockchain platform through the documentary’s distribution on mainstream platforms and web3 platforms.

  • Onboarding of participants from the documentary into the Near Protocol ecosystem, with the creation of wallets, NFT sales, and other engagement opportunities.|

| — | — |
|Activities & timelines:|

  • Production: On-site filming, interviews, documenting regenerative actions and community currency initiatives. June(mexico) Teaser release
  • Post-production: Editing, sound design, music composition, narration, and finalization of the Mexico chapter. (July-August)
  • Europe Journey (UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Portugal) (July)
  • DAO and Near on boarding all the time with brand presence, T-shirt, wallets, NFT drops and promotions, branded flag allocation in events and the film|

| — | — |

  • Editing services, image, Sound design and mixing: $1,000

Travel Expenses:

  • Mexico roadtrip and Flight to Europe: $1,200
  • Train in Europe: $800
  • Accommodation during travel: $1,000
  • Meals and incidentals: $1000

Total Budget (Post-production + Travel): $5000

    • The Goal from the DAO is to create a network of community currencies and blockchain integration and adoption
    • Our Roadmap to reach the goal is:
  • Q1: Mexico, record, edit, post 1 chapter teaser, funding campaigns.
  • Q2: Europe, record, edit, post 1st chapter release. Start distribution campaign.
  • Q3: LATAM, record, edit, post 2nd - 5th chapters,
  • Q4: Asia and Australia, record, edit, and post periodically the other 9 chapters.

In all of this movement with the support of Near we will:

  • Bring merch with the Near logo,
  • Open Near wallets all around the globe
  • Create content for Near socials
  • Explain how to create, buy and use an NFT on Near
  • Give education about DAOs and Web3 tools

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

  • Director
  • Film maker
  • Editor
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Production
  • Promoters

Total request number: $5,000 Near or USDC

DAO on-chain address:



Wow! What a great project. High impact actions to transform the world!
Love to @Cryptocoatl


Hey there :wave:

The hard cap per DAO for community funding is set at $5k. Could you please revise your proposal?
Thank you in advance!


that is correct @Cryptocoatl helped us coordinate and organize beach cleanups for @Bancambios and @refistarter

I would recommend to also join some beach cleanups during your trip, record them and onboard people with #FastAuth


yes @Cryptocoatl helped us on the Beach Clean ups and wallet onboarding, she was part of our crew.

She was also at the first #ReFi meetup event in December 2021 with Rim from OPF and Jeff from Tamago.


Absolutaly!! I would love to! Actually you said something about Barcelona right? I would looove to be part of that clean up! I leaved 1 year in Barcelona i parlo català i tot! feliç d’anar a netejar les platges catalanas! jejeje

And Portugal, and everywhere i could meet Near fellows would be awesome too! This trip is going to connect a lot of really good dots for the grand road map also for #refinear.
We keep on building and weaving…
LFG! :heart: :earth_americas: :sparkles:


thanks @Paul ! I did some adjudgment to the budget, will try to do some NFT collections and tokens with the artists for music and specific content creation and edits, will help too for DAO and Near onboarding.

Love the #Near-ness of this community and would love to meet as many as posible in person this movement around the globe! :earth_americas: :sparkles:

Would be nice to map :round_pushpin: the “near hubs” around too… Do you know if there is something like that?


That’s awesome, thanks for the edits!

I believe you should check https://nearhub.club/. Feel free to reach out to @jefedeoro and create your own metaverse world inspired by the real world. :slight_smile:


Also @Cryptocoatl you can reach out to @nearefi and document the beach cleanups, as we did previously with @Bancambios Beach Cleanups. Mentioning NEAR and @MexicoHub.near

And onboard and implement the technology on near.

I would also recommend to work with Minsta, or Satori for some interactive NFT creations.


Yes, we are customizing the @Bancambios space at NEARHUB with @jefedeoro to host the Workshops for CreativesDAO, NDC, BOS, Horizon, @BuidlersClub


Cool!! i just went on it a bit, looks very fun and could be buiding some things there for sure! ill reach out to him.
Thanks for the link!


I would loove to document, be part of the beach clean up and connect with the community there.
Let’s hope this proposal gets aproved :crossed_fingers: :heart: :sparkles:


I am in full support of this project and excited of the results it will bring about through creating awareness about the positive impact and potential the adoption of community currencies can have in the sustainability and regeneration fields. I think this is a great way to weave and connect projects such as Tulumcoin, as well as a great way to learn from and highlight others’ experiences in their journey. This will in turn enable a better understanding for others working on similar projects allowing for a better long term outcome on such.

@Cryptocoatl has been doing a great job on the ground meeting community leaders and getting involved in local initiatives and activities doing the ground work that is needed for projects such as community currencies to succeed.

Looking forward to seeing this documentary come to life in the big screen! Congrats!

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Thanks @Francesipimenteln ! is exactly that! The inspiration came from wanting to know more about other community currencies experience, so we can learn and apply it too in Tulumcoin and weave everything in IRL-on chain world!

@nearefi its also a great platform we will use to weave it all!

And we will show how easy and powerful are the Near possibilities for the Nearness of our communities

Just waiting on @creativesdao-council confirmation for this support so i can get a loan and book my flight to Europe this weekend jejeje full on, non stop building!!!

:sparkles::heart: :sparkles:
:earth_americas: :rocket: :earth_africa:


Great @Cryptocoatl. I have pending items to learn so I can get involved deeper with NEAR on my own projects. It has been a while since I engaged again… I hope to be able to make some time in the ‘near’ :slight_smile: future do so, as I am working on several incredible on the ground projects and other ideas I believe might be aligned as well. We shall see.

As you know, I am particularly interested and excited about how this documentary initiative can help with ideas and connections that will allow our Tulumcoin project to truly empower the local communities that need it most. Also how we integrate PhD process on all as well.:pray:t2:

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Yesss! Im glad you are here, once you start exploring more into the Near ecosystem you will see how easy it can also be!
We will work also on the easy user experience and on boarding, it’s comming, it’s comming, lets connect to all the cool projects that are building in NEAR Learn Club could be something nice too!

I am also speaking with some young generation to start building with Near with art, music and collective organization trough DAOs.

I am very exited about this too

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woow! que buena propuesta! Congrats Steph!! always creating amazing connections.
I would love Me Importa Mexico to be involved in this!

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yeesss!! we can connect what you are doing! lets catch up in this days to see how we can weave with all your network too

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Hi @creativesdao-council i would like to know why how can i improve my proposal for support by Near? we have been working a lot on the onboarding to the ecosystem and I really don´t feel supported enough on this…

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Hi @Cryptocoatl
The proposal submitted to the funding vertical of CreativesDAO was reviewed and unfortunately rejected on July 21st.
Please check the feedback on your project and the proposal in the following link: Google Sheets Link.

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