[PROPOSAL] Série Investigação Filosófica (SIF) - Book: Selected Texts on Logic II

Proponent: @thephilosopher
Near account for payment: thephilosopher.near
Project timeline: 07/04/2022 to 25/04/2022

History: Série Investigação Filosófica is a series of academic books of translations from English to Portuguese from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, with the due authorization, and coordinated by @thephilosopher, with more than 30 PhD Philosophers organizing each of the 40 books of the series. 16 of these books are sponsored by John Templeton Foundation, but 24 of them are not. You can see the published books here: Série Investigação Filosófica – NEPFIL online and you can see more information (in Portuguese) about the next books and the series as a whole here: Blog Investigação Φ Filosófica: Série Investigação Filosófica (Série IF)

The main objective of this project is to sponsor the work involved in the publishing of these books and to build NFTs associated with these books on near blockchain, specifically on mintbase.

The importance of these books is huge on Brazilian academic philosophy. Many of the students do not know how to read in English, so translations of important entries from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy are relevant on teaching philosophy at Brazilian universities. Up to now, we have more than 16,000 downloads from the books of the series. To bring this kind of material to the blockchain is revolutionary, because links the Academy to the Web3.


April 07th
To receive the book from the PhD organizer and send it to the proof reader Prof. Dr. Marco Aurélio @Phaidros

April 14th
To receive the book from the proof reader and send it to the diagrammer @beetlejuice and to university editor @jsc2022.near in order to build the pre-textual parts and publish the book. I will use the cover in public domain as a NFT for the book or I will get voxel assets and their photos or turntable GIFs to mint as NFTs and link with the real book as an object of inspiration. We will publish the digital book at the university publisher site and also as a PDF associated with the 3d book we will mint.

April 20th
To publish the book and to mint the 3d book.

April 25th
Accoutnability report.

Project: To receive a book produced by the organizer and his/her team and to proof read, diagram, edit and publlish at the university publisher site, and than mint as NFT in our mintbase store, on near blockchain. The books is about Logic, the one you can see in our blog that is in production.

Budget: USD 1400 in NEAR

300 usd in near - The Philosopher @thephilosopher for organizing the team, being responsible for the project, and producing and minting the NFTs
200 USD in near - Prof. Dr. Juliano do Carmo @jsc2022.near for editing work
200 usd in near - Prof. Dr. Marco Aurélio @Phaidros for proof reader work
200 usd in near - Rafaela Nóbrega @beetlejuice for diagramming work
500 usd in near - Dr. Kherian Gracher @Kherian, PhD, for organizing the book

Products/Deliverables: 1 published book from SIF at UFPel Publisher, 1 NFT with the book as PDF and a cover image (with the description linking with the publisher and with NEAR sponsoring), with splits for the DAO at the DAO’s store.