[approved] Teaching the basics to Artists

I’m an artist based in Barcelona named Bubbles.
The community of artists when I used to paint, ask me to give a basic talk about NFTs and How to Create one. So I’m planning to give this talk-workshop April 30th in Barcelona. The place is Nauart, physical place.
I’m wonder if I can use your logo to show that I’ll teach how to mint on Mintbase, and it’s it’s possible to create a shop for them or give them some credits to create their first NFT.
They are really old school artists and it will be a challenge! I can send you the info and I’ll record the talk and share in:

Can you help me with this?

I’ll need:
Shop: 6.5 Near
Tutor: 100 USD
Thank you so much.



Hey Bubbles,

sounds really good!
You can create a store for the workshop, yes - we will refund you for that!

Also we can create some linkdrops for them to open wallets, so you can add them to the store.

Please use our logo and take pictures and videos that we can use on our socials.

You can also charge a tutor fee, 100 usd in near? How does that sound?

How many people are you expecting?


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Sounds perfect.
In the studio there’s more than 40 people painting and doing different stuff. But in the presentation space we have 25 places.
We don’t know yet, because it’s a free workshop for them… so we’ll see.
The people outside the community had to pay, but I don’t see people coming from the outside. Let’s see. I’ll keep you update of how many people are interested before the meeting.
Yes, I think recording the talk will be super useful because after we can share to the people of the art community and outside as well. Just in case they cannot assist.
Let me know the next steps.
Thank you so much,


Sounds really good, let me know if I can assist anyhow. Are you familiar with mintbases functions?

Yes, I am.
I’ll do a presentation of the basics.
Do you have some presentation materials I can use?
If not, I’ll do myself.

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We have some things, but nothing of really great quality.
If you produce really good things that can be re-used, we can agree on payment for that too

Ok, I’ll share the presentation later and you tell me if it’s good for you.

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Sounds great!! Anxious to see it

Hello again! Today is the workshop!
Just created the shop here:

I’ll share with you .ppt after the meeting and I hope we can record the video.
Zoom link (today at 18pm - SPAIN)


You don’t have the near drops yet??? Oh no… let me know if i can help!

write me a msg on telegram


@bubbles looking good. As soon as the video is publicly accessible, you can submit payout proposal :slight_smile:

Hi @bubbles you can submit payout proposal!!