[APPROVED] Submission Open Call - talitalima.near “Love and positivity” - Marma J

Hello. I’m Talita Lima (talitalima.near). I’m submitting this video as a demonstration of what love and positivity (a positive vision of the future about the arrival of a love) is to me to the open call [OPEN CALL] Adding Minters to the “marmaj.mintbase1.near” Smart Contract

This video was made in 7 hours.
3 hours to film (produce), 1 hour to narrate, 3 hours to edit and subtitle.
I also had the help of a writer (Talita Calisto - talita.canasci) to create the text and translation that brings the video to life.
I request a reward of 10 $ marmaj.
The funds will provide for the improvement of this content in the future. Its minted and on mintbase with 80/20 participation and 100/100 royalties in favor of the MarmaJ foundation.
I am open to negotiations, i hope to contribute to the project.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:


This proposal has been [APPROVED], thank you so much for sharing your creativity with the marmaj community.

Please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the marmaj DAO for 10 “marmaj.tkn.near” using this link: “[APPROVED] Submission Open Call - talitalima.near “Love and positivity” - Marma J” in the description of the proposal.

Looking forward to seeing this NFT on the marmaj Mintbase store!


Thank you so much, i’m very happy :grinning: