[APPROVED] Submission Open Call Love, support and positivity - cavenaghi.near -

Hello! I am Carolina Cavenaghi - cavenaghi.near and this is my version of Love, Support and Positivity

For the Open Call for @marmajfoundation

With this theme proposed I saw a opportunity of create a full collection. It will be 5 NFTs with the soul of Love, Support and Positivity, reaching multiple aspects, environments and beings.
Every art I will make a proposal here and we can work this together! I think in something like that:
All the royalties go to @marmajfoundation , and the split of sale will be 60 for @marmajfoundation and 40 for my kids near wallets :white_heart: augusto.near and antonella.near

Nothing more related to the proposal than that. I was thinking around 25 $ Marmaj As a reward, but I will leave for the @marmajfoundation how much in $marmaj this project deserves. :cherry_blossom:

Thank you all for the support and specially @chloe and @bianca! Looking forward to create beautifully for @marmajfoundation


This sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m assuming the 25 $marmaj is for all 5 NFTs? If so, that seems reasonable. So that would be 5 marmaj for each NFT (~60$ USD each).

Does that seem reasonable to you?


Yes! It’s great for me :white_heart::pray:t2:


Awesome, well in that case, I have [APPROVED] this proposal. Looking forward to your first mint on the marmaj Mintbase store. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Once you have minted the piece, please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the marmaj DAO for 5 marmaj tokens and please make sure to include the forum link to this post in your proposal description.


Hello! The second piece of my collection is ready!

Twin Flame - A catalyst for a deeper bond.

It’s about a sense of homecoming, a sense of merging energy where you can’t really tell where you start and they end. It’s about loving another being besides yourself.

Hope @marmajfoundation like this piece. @mecsbecs @chloe @bianca without words for all the support and help :white_heart::pray:t2:


Thank you very much for sharing the second piece in the collection. It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:.

I know it was already discussed that each piece would be rewarded with a 5 marmaj bounty :ok_hand:t4:, although I’ll let @bianca and @mecsbecs have the opportunity to comment on the submission before requesting that you submit a payout to the DAO :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Ok sure!! Thank you for the attention :cherry_blossom:

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This piece is stunning and has my vote to go to the DAO for a payout so that we can get this next piece of the collection minted!


Thank you so much for the input @mecsbecs. We are looking forward to the 2nd mint, and to the payout proposal to the marmaj DAO :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello @marmajfoundation ! @chloe @mecsbecs @bianca :white_heart:

I am here to present the third art of the Love Collection

The Creature Connection

That’s a vital bond, it’s about the connection between humans and animals :white_heart:
Who support who? That’s the most beautiful and mutual relation of support!


Hi @whoiscavenaghi! WOW! What a beautiful piece.

Thank you for sharing. Please proceed to submit your payout proposal for this third installment and be sure to link to this forum post.

cc: @mecsbecs @chloe


Thank you very much @bianca !
This is the piece minted!

And the payout was made!

@chloe @mecsbecs :white_heart::white_heart:


Hello @marmajfoundation @chloe @bianca ! Just finished the new Love Art for MarmaJ Store!!

Mithological Love - Psyche and Cupid


Thank you for continuing to share your creativity with us. Please feel free to mint the piece and submit a payout proposal.

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Thank you very much for the opportunities always @chloe ! Minted and the payout proposal done too! :pray:t2:

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Here is the Art Minted Psyche & Cupid

And I did again the proposal Payout Proposal



Hello @marmajfoundation ! Here is my last submission for the collection Love!

Fulll video of the Art

Cover of the Video:

Synapses of Love - Love can be scanned?

Thank you very much for the opportunity of making part of the Store! It was very meaningful to me :white_heart::pray:t2: @bianca @chloe

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Thank you so much for taking part in this project and sharing your creativity with the marmaj community :revolving_hearts:. Please feel free to submit your payout proposal and mint the piece on the store. So cool that it’s a video this time :rofl:.

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here comes the link! MarmaJ Store

payout proposal
thank you very much!

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