[APPROVED] New collection to be mint at the MarmaJ store

Hi, I’m Mailza Bernard and I’m a multimedia artist. My proposal is about new minters at Marma J’s store. I created the piece “Love is All” and I would very much like to continue creating other pieces similar to this one, exploring the theme of love, positivity and support. I would like to create 4 more illustrations in digital painting, which would be other versions of what defines love, forming a mini collection of five pieces:

1- Contact with nature represented by a hug in a tree
2- Maternal love, represented by a mother breastfeeding her child
3- Love of friendship, represented by a group of friends.
4- Love for animals, represented by a person and his cat and dog.

I would be happy and grateful to receive 3MarmaJ Tokens per illustration and develop one per week, totaling 4 new posts in the MarmaJ store.

Royalites can be all for MarmaJ and for me 50% of sales.

This proposal is open to suggestions! Thanks



Thank you very much for this proposal. We will discuss as a council and leave comments here.

Original Piece:

Hi @Mailza, great proposal! I am marking this as [APPROVED].

Please share your pieces here on this thread prior to each mint so that we can see them. Feel free to do this weekly and we can do weekly payouts per piece :slight_smile:

cc: @chloe @mecsbecs


Excellent! I am happy to continue developing this collection. I’m already going to start working on the new parts! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi everyone at the MarmaJ Foundation, @bianca @chloe and @mecsbecs

I made the first artwork in this package. Love of nature represented in gif.

Hope you like it as much as I did!



Looks great :revolving_hearts: looking forward to seeing it on the Mintbase marmaj store. After each mint, feel free to use the link here (forum link) and request the 3 marmaj as payout.


it’s done! appreciate!

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Hello everyone from @marmajfoundation
I apologize for the delay.
Here is the second work of the collection! I hope you like it.