[APPROVED] Submission Open Call - mailzabernard.near "Love is all"

Hello. I’m Mailza Bernard (mailzabernard.near). I’m submitting this illustration called “Love is all” to the open call [OPEN CALL] Adding Minters to the "marmaj.mintbase1.near" Smart Contract

This illustration was done in 5 hours, with concept development, sketch, filling, details, repetitions and background an exclusive style.
I request as a 7Nears bounty.

The funds will provide for the idealisation and actualisation of the artwork, its minting and on mintbase with 80/20 share, and 100/100 royalties in favour of the MarmaJ foundation.

I am open to negotiations. I hope to contribute to the project. Grateful


Hello and thank you for your proposal. This proposal can stay here, but will not be approved until you have been selected as a minter on the marmaj mintbase store. Also, the marmaj DAO does not distribute NEAR payouts, only payouts in marmaj tokens.

If you have additional inquiries, please check out the proposal submission guide, or ask questions in our Telegram chat.

Your submission is already detailed here in the correct place: [OPEN CALL] Adding Minters to the "marmaj.mintbase1.near" Smart Contract - #6 by Mailza

If you would like to be added to our open minting contract, that is available as well, it seems like you are new to the NEAR ecosystem, welcome!

Info on the Letsbbcreativ Mintbase Store: Marma J DAO Live - Mintbase / Letsbbcreativ - YouTube


For now, I have added you to the Letsbbcreativ Store as a minter. Feel free to mint whatever you would like on that contract!

Video about the store: Marma J DAO Live - Mintbase / Letsbbcreativ - YouTube

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While we do not distribute $NEAR tokens from our DAO, 7 $NEAR is approximately 4.7 $marmaj

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 1.41.42 PM

Would you be alright with accepting 5 $marmaj tokens for this proposal?

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Hi. I’m happy with the selection, thank you very much. I accept. Can I send you a better version of the illustration around here?


You have been added as a minter to the marmaj contract marmaj.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

Feel free, but there is no need. You can mint the piece yourself now that you have been added as a minter. If you have any questions, please reach out in our telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @marmajdao

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