[APPROVED] Starting Near Book Clubs In Tertiary Institutions

Thanks @cryptocredit

Your comment and approval is an inspiring light in the gloom.

The Book Club’s success will be groundbreaking.

:clinking_glasses: :two_hearts:

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Good evening @FabDab , let’s try to reduce rewards and remove not necessary expenses? We can start with small amount and with next successful report increase it. Thanks

Let’s start with 10-20 people and rewards below $1000.

Thank You.

Thank you. I have edited it. The budget is now $3500.

Hi @FabDab - I wanted to make a couple of comments here so we can move this proposal to its conclusion. Apologies for the delay in reply. We are experiencing an influx of proposals and working to resolve decisions.

  • @satojandro raised the issue of receipts, and I wanted to say that I have also been asking for proposers to substantiate costs with expense estimates for products, venues, travel, etc., in advance when possible and with reports. This is nothing personal to you. We are experiencing a lot of growth in the ecosystem, and it’s our role and goal to make sure the community’s funds are being rewarded responsibly. We are constantly evolving and this is one of the new requests we are making of many first-time projects.
  • You have a request from @dacha to lower amount to $1000 for the first iteration of this. You changed it to $3500. You do not need to change the proposal funding amount requested, that is your choice, but our DAO has to have majority support for proposals to be approved. You currently have support from one council member, one council member who would support if you change the funding amount and you need at least one more member to support the proposal for approval. Just making clear the situation.
  • I would support this if you change the request to $1000 for the first time and give us a report to evaluate how it went before the next request.
  • For my part, I would personally be more supportive of the different efforts on university campuses in Nigeria to collaborate. I think you can save a lot of time and create more impact working together. I am unclear on whether you were able to connect and explore collaborating with @Hsmoney? Can you give me the update there. That would be my preferred way forward.

Hello @so608

Thanks for your detailed response. I appreciate it, and the work you’re all doing.

Concerning requests for receipts, etc., I understand the need for accountability, and I am willing to be held to held to the standards that help optimise accountability and transparency. I am willing, like I said earlier, to provide these documents where possible.

I (mis)understood @Dacha’s request here [quote=“Dacha, post:25, topic:16937”]
Let’s start with 10-20 people and rewards below $1000.
to mean reducing “rewards” for quiz winners, etc.

But now that I understand the request better, I have downsized the entire project, appropriately lowering the budget to $1000.

I have lowered the budget to $1000

Regarding a collaboration with @Hsmoney:

Indeed, a collaboration with @Hsmoney may have proved effective but after evaluating both the scope and current status of his project, I deemed such collaboration unnecessary (at the moment) and premature. The following are a few of the reasons why:

  1. There are currently no functional hubs running in any university. This is due largely to the ongoing strike by university teachers.

He reports this incident here:

  1. This first iteration of the Near Book Club targets a Polytechnic Institution whose running is unaffected by the striking university lecturers - primarily because it isn’t a “university” but a polytechnic.

These two reasons, to name a few, make a collaboration (at the moment) implausible and premature.

I am, of course, open to productive collaborations born out of the necessity to optimise impact.

Thank you again, @so608. Your contributions evoke progress.

Cheers @marketingdao-council.

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Ok, thank You. Let’s see on your first project :blush:
Yes from me.

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Thanks @Dacha. I’m excited to kick things off and show amazing results.


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Thank you for updating this. You have received the necessary support to move this to approved. You can add to Astro. Thanks!

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Still a strong NO for me.

The user has a LONG stream of proposals
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 1.14.58 pm
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 1.15.06 pm
for every Guild - Creatives, NxM, etc. - all amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some Council members have done diligence and rejected these proposals, some have had their budget reduced, overall:

  • I struggle to understand how any of them add value to NEAR Ecosystem
  • It struggle to see how someone can be running so many initiatives efficiently
  • It seems clear to me that the core mission seems to be obtaining funding, regardless of the initiative. Just keep going and see what sticks.
  • Even if the book club idea were a good one, this just fails @creativesdao-council aith element for me.

@creatives @marketingdao-council @NxM

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I will respond only to your grotesquely exaggerated claim that my proposals have budgets running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This kind of sensationalism unfairly distorts the apparent issue.

My first proposal Flow Near Treats And Drinks had an ambitious approximate budget of $77,000. At the time, I was unaware of the $10,000 soft cap for Marketing projects funds, and I thought a good way to be sure I couldn’t get that much was to be told so. @David_NEAR did tell me that much.

My next proposal had a markedly lower budget of $3900

This next one had a budget of $5000

All the above mentioned proposals was a zealous me jumping right in thick of things. I was chastened by 3 consecutive rejections. But even so, I don’t understand why @satojandro would suggest that the so called “long string of proposals” run to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I must stress again, that all the above proposals were rejected or declined.

The following are the only active proposals Im directly involved with:

Culinary DAO and sought funding ($2000)

Near Flow-ture Guild and asked ($1888) for our first proposal.

My Near Book Club project, an individual project asked for ($1000)

My proposal to NxM to record a 2 track EP “The Beginning” which was rejected ([with kind words and an invitation to try again next time])([Rejected] Record A 2-Track EP Titled "The Beginning" - #4 by williamx), was for about (five hundred dollars) $500

All these proposals (minus the NxM) do not come up to $5000, and I am not the only one involved with the projects - I am (and will be) working with a team.

Why would you @satojandro lie that it amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars?

In fact, adding up the all the proposals I ever wrote on the Forum, including the first one with the incredible $77,150 budget, it still doesn’t come up to a hundred thousand dollars!

@satojandro what exactly do you mean by hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The screenshot you put up is misleading as it displays all my posts including introduction to guilds and DAOs and my entry for the VanDAO Story Challenge as part of my supposed “long string of proposals”.

@satojandro what exactly is going on?

These are the final approved amounts that were revised down. What were the original balances you requested?

@marketingdaocouncil I have submitted a payout proposal on AstroDAO

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Good evening :grinning: Should be poll. Thank You

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@Dacha. Ok. Thank you so much!


My poll has been approved on Astro, but I am yet to receive any updates or funds. What should I do so I can get the project started.

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Good morning, could you please ask your question about funding here [New Process] Community Payouts

Thank you :blush:

Thank you @Dacha
I will proceed to do that.

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Thank you @Dacha. I have received the funds. I’m commencing work immediately.

Thank you @Marketing DAO Council for the opportunity.


Hello @marketingdao-council here is a brief update of what I have done so far.

I had to get a new Institution for the event because the new budget won’t be sufficient to run the event in the former proposed institution, considering the fact that the school authority and student union authority were already involved and were expecting something big…

The new Institution I am working with is Federal college of education, Oyo.

We have fixed a date for the event and the design for the fliers is out.

I now have a small team that is helping with publicity, and we have started publicity for the event.
We have secured a small hall that can take 30 attendees.
Already we have a group on WhatsApp for those who have signified their interest to attend the event.

The souvenirs are currently being worked on. I will provide pictures as soon as they are ready.