[APPROVED] Starting Near Book Clubs In Tertiary Institutions

Proposals are approved for the value denominated I US Dollars that is requested. The NEAR Foundation automatically calculates the NEAR equivalent on the day of payout, if payment is being made in NEAR, or you also have the option to request payment in USD Stablecoins.

It is up to each recipient to manage their funds in the best way they see fit once they receive the full amount. We are not in a position to be monitoring when and at what exchange rate people convert money, be topping up all proposals, etc.

Hello @marketingdao-council thank you very much for the opportunity. The event held yesterday. It was a huge success. I will start preparing my report today. Should I post my report on this trend or do I create a new post?

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Hi @FabDab glad to hear your event went well.

Please make a separate [Report] post and then post a link to the report in this thread.

@cryptocredit I’m sorry for the delay in submitting my report. I haven’t even been active for a while now on the forum. I have been very sick and just recuperating. Please give me this week. I will submit my report first thing on Monday morning. Meanwhile here are proofs to show I actually did the event.

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Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Take your time and we are looking forward to seeing your report when you are ready.

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Thank you for your understanding. I’m grateful!

Thank you so much for your patience.
I just submitted my report.

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