[Proposal] Funding For Near Flow-ture Guild For The Month Of April

Near Flow-ture

Guild Team

Target: nature-and-tourism.sputnik-dao.near

Total funding Requested: $1888 (116N)

To kick start our series of activities, we intend to visit Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibom is a beautiful state in Nigeria with lots of tourist attractions, some of which are:
Ibeno Beach, Eket, Akwa Ibom State.
Ibeno Beach, Eket
*Lord Lugard’s Residence, Ikot Abasi.
*National Museum, Uyo. Ibibio Museum
*Biodiversity Preservation Center Uyo.
*Oron Museum Oron.
*Itu Hills etc.


  • Have one on one talks with tourists, telling them about Near, and onboarding them.

  • Capture all the tourist attraction centres in the state. Capitalising on the lovability of tourism to publicise Near.

  • Create Virtual Reality versions of the attraction centres captured. This will be minted as NFTS.

  • Create the first episode for our comic series of the ‘Flo, The Adventurer’. This will be minted as NFTs minted as NFTs

  • Create contents that can attract more people to the Metaverse


  • Onboarding of at least 20 active users who can build on Near.

*Creating a rich and clean video content, that can eventually be made in virtual reality content.


Camera $1000

Video editing $200

logistics $500

Airdrop to facilitate opening of wallets. $50

Creation of DAO on Astro 5N
logo for AstroDAO $50


hello @creativesdao-mods. This is a gentle reminder that our proposal is yet to be attended to.
Thanks for your good works.

I would like to flag that this proposal is part of a long string of proposals by the same person for very different initiatives:


![Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 1.14.58 pm|636x500](upload://1Yb
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 1.15.06 pm

Consider with caution @creativesdao-council

@satojandro I think your focus should be whether this particular proposal is worth it or not and not whether they have strings of proposals.


Could you please help us attend to this proposal? We are just few days away from our schedule. We also need captures from the trip to help facilitate designing our room in Nearhub.
Thank as we await your favorable response.


Nice Initiative, let’s Imaging a world where Near community would be known to all tourist within this reach I believe it’s awesome.# near community up we go.


two stand out points on this for me are:

  • It’s not related to the Creatives dao funding, as it is tourism based, it may be more of a community project, by the sounds of it.
  • Two of the council members are also on the council of several other new daos to the ecosystem. The creatives dao moderators are actively encouraging a gradual entry to the ecosystem as there is a lot to learn, which we are here to help with.